The Currents of Space GM 1

Before the Game starts, I did a little more work on backgrounds and relationships. I like to keep things tidy and it was obvious that three of the characters shared something in common – the incident on LX504. But where did Achernar fit in? He was related to Capella; he knew this but Capella didn’t.


  • I created Bellatrix’s and Achernar’s family trees. I designed a system years ago to do this; it uses a deck of cards to create relationships and families. It seems like a lot of work; in reality it is quite quick and simple and throws up a lot of unexpected connections. It’s surprising how useful the information can be.


Bellatrix’s uncle is an executive VP of Makita Genetics, overseeing Resources.


Achernar is the illegitimate son of Capella’s aunt; born in violation of the Chinese Birth Control Laws, he was smuggled off-planet to LX504. He left the planet in 2208 to become a Drifter; returned briefly in 2216 where he met Capella.

  • I set up a matrix of character ages vs. terms served to determine when significant events happened. Tables don’t post very well on here (at least; I haven’t found how to do it). The blow-out incident on LX504 happened in 2222 (current year is 2225).

Achernar (as a Drifter) returned to LX504 in 2216 which is where he met Capella. He left in 2218 to join the Survey Scouts. He never told Capella that they were related (he knew this through his mother).

  • With the other PC’s (and a slight bit of tweaking!), the blow-out incident on LX504 happened in 2222. I created a matrix of PC age and date and looked to see where they coincided. Again; usually it falls into place easily.


Three years have passed and it is 2225.


The Currents of Space – GM 3


Episode 12 was quite an eye-opener for me and is taking the story off in a VERY different direction. I’d like to spell out how it got to this point, because, on the face of it, it looks very contrived and pre-planned.

I can assure you, it is not pre-planned at all; and, to be frank, I really do not know where this is going.

The trek across the Bright Face (nod to one of my favourite CT adventures)

There was a very real danger of death if any roll had been failed and on both of the major rolls (the chasms), they only succeeded because of the +2 Bellatrix added.

The big reveal with the camera image

This looks like it was really contrived from the start; but this is how I thought it through. There can be other interpretations; but one of the basic rules of Mythic is ‘go with your first instincts.’


* The Lebkuchen have an interest in genetics and gene-splicing. Capella’s story confirms this.

* The clones were created by Haruna for organ-replacement donors. Paul Yao is a Haruna VIP, so would have had access to this donor facility.

* Haruna has a presence on Crown; Makita are a rival genetics corporation.

* Several people are being burnt by tasers; this is a Lebkuchen trademark.

Skill check

Was Paula able to pull anything off the data card in the camera- roll ‘12’; exceptional success.


Detail Check – what did Paula find?

Disfavours PC/ a random roll gave Achernar. A roll on his Life Events gives the accident on LR804 where he lost his eye and his partner and love interest was declared MIA.

Looking at the timeline, the 2009 uprising happened before Achernar joined the Survey Scouts.

Tying it all together; it made sense that Lydia was a Lebkuchen. I created a little bit more about them and determined that the GF3 model was designed to capture and store genetic material.

* The Lebkuchen are interested in DNA splicing

* Why did Haruna create this model in the first place?

Obviously, Achernar had a bad reaction to this.

The Currents of Space 12

Previously …

 He paused; then continued, ‘by the way, Adese is still sore at you, even after all this time. He’s away at the moment.’

 Meeting: A strip bar in the spaceport; a female private investigator. She didn’t give a name; just a burner number.

 ‘The supply dump is five hours away on foot. This gives a very little margin for error. We can’t afford stragglers; keep up or you die. Is that clear?’

 ‘Get up!’ Bellatrix’s voice was sharp as she shook Capella where he sat. ‘We don’t have time for your self-pity.’ She looked round as Paula headed for the rock outcropping that they were in the shadow of. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Getting some evidence’; came the reply. ‘I know the Lebkuchen; they wouldn’t pass up a moment to record this moment. Got it!’ She held up a small HEV video camera; set to record. She gave it the bird; then switched it off.

‘There might be something on the data card that we can use.’

‘Okay, check your kit’, said Bellatrix. ‘I doubt that we’ve got much … oh!’ The suits had their full allocation of survival gear; repair patches, spool of rope, basic tools etc. They had no weapons though.

‘That’s the Lebkuchen way of thinking,’ said Paula. ‘They wouldn’t have thought to remove the tools.’

Bellatrix led the way west, keeping in the shadow of the mountains as long as she could. Ahead; the glow of the sun grew on the horizon; casting stark shadows. The suits indicated a rise in the external temperature.

They crossed the terminator and Wolf 359 rose. Although a red dwarf, its close proximity was enough to darken their faceplates.

‘Frack,’ said Capella. They stood on the edge of a wide chasm. ‘We really are screwed.’

Bellatrix responded angrily. ‘For frack’s sake Capella; drop the whining’. She assessed the problem.

‘Okay, got an idea. You might not have noticed, but you are all wearing weight belts to compensate for the low gravity. We tie three of them together; throw them over and all jump at the instance they land. The momentum and Newton’s Third Law should get us across. Don’t jump too hard.’

‘Don’t jump too hard! Paula did and was pulling them up too high. At the last minute Bellatrix threw her weight belt backwards: it was enough to pull them down over the crevasses onto the far side.

‘That’s pushed us off-course. We need to strike more to the north.’

They entered a cratered area; it delayed them a little tracing their way through but keeping in the shade reduced the drain on the suit batteries.

180 minutes of air left.

They were faced by another crevasse, deeper than the last one. They used the same plan as last time; again Paula misjudged her jump and only Bellatrix’s survival skills saved them *

‘I’m from Earth; I grew up in real gravity. Apart from a brief assignment on Cyclops, I’ve never been out here.’

‘So why are you here now, on Crown?’

‘The Yao kidnapping in 2223. Paul Yao is a Haruna executive, I found …. Shit!’ She tapped her wrist readout. She looked up, her eyes wide. ‘I’m losing air; I’ve only got thirty minutes left.’

Capella moved to her side and plugged in a diagnostic cable from his terminal.

‘The landing must have scrambled it; you have two hours left; the same as all of us. I’ll re-set it

120 minutes of air left.

Bellatrix changed direction and they went south-west, on to a lava plain. This was good going and they made good time. About ninety minutes later their wrist readouts started to flash amber – ninety minutes air left.

Bellatrix headed for a squat square building and pulled the door open. They all crowded inside; she closed the door; sealed it and hit a large green button; a loud prolonged hissing sound followed and she cracked her helmet.

‘Adese thought that maintaining these shelters was a waste of money and resources.’

The cache was three rooms; a service room that held batteries supplied by solar panels off the roof, a basic computer terminal and a communicator linking to an orbital satellite network. Bellatrix called up Kukawa; a ground transport would be with them in eight hours.

Achernar: ‘Eight hours? That’s a long way just to dump us to kill us. What were they on their way to?’

The other rooms held basic supplies; mainly air, food and water. There were also medical supplies, suit repair kits, spare batteries etc.

‘No weapons?’

‘Weapons, Achernar? Who do you think we need to kill out here?’

‘What about the Lebkuchen? They don’t seem too worried about killing us.’

Bellatrix accessed the Crown database. ‘There is a Haruna research base west of here, further out on the Brightside. I think we need to check it out. Kukawa, send two tractors with re-supply and also with weapons; standard firearms issue for a four-man team.

Capella and Paula came back: – ‘We’ve checked the stores; they are down by 40%. Someone has been using this stuff and not replacing it.’

Paula went into the service room and pulled out the HEV camera.

‘We’ve got time. Let’s see what’s on here and what we can access. This isn’t the best rig available, but I might be able to get something.’

Several hours later, Achernar woke and wandered into the service room. Paula was looking at an image on the screen; a blonde woman with blue eyes. Achernar gasped.

‘That’s Lydia, my partner in the Survey Scouts. She was lost on LR804 in the ATV crash where I lost my eye.’

Paula turned to him, tears starting to form.

‘I’m sorry Achernar, but that is a Haruna Genetic Female Three (GF3.) I pulled this image off the camera.

‘BULLSHIT!’ screamed Achernar. ‘Lydia and I were a couple. I didn’t fuck a robot. Don’t give me that shit.’

‘I’m sorry, but if this is Lydia, then she is a Haruna GF 3 clone.’ She fell silent.

‘WHAT! What are you not telling me? You’re hiding something! Fracking tell me!’ Achernar balled his fists; Paula backed off.

‘Most of the records about the Lebkuchen were destroyed in the 2009 uprising. Some scattered records survived and I’ve managed to piece together some stuff.’

She took a deep breath. ‘You won’t like it.’

‘I won’t like what?’

‘The GF 3 model was designed and equipped to capture and store genetic material.’

Earlier that day, Achernar had supressed the urge to vomit. This time, he failed. **

To be continued …


GM Notes

How I handled the trek: –

The PLAN is good, but I didn’t feel it introduced enough tension into this episode.

I used a deck of cards, red and black with only the 2 – 10 cards in.

Black cards – travel is shorter (good going), only 30 mins air used.

Red cards – each one represented a different hazard or obstacle, (chasm, kit failure, crevasse, dust pit etc.)

As it was a hazardous trek, I made a deck of 6 red and 4 black, shuffled them and drew the top five. Each card turned represented 60 mins travel; each black card was 30 mins travel.

Draw top card; act on results. Mark elapsed time and air used.

In the event of failure or a bad consequence then there was a real possibility of death; they were in a hostile environment. This was written on the card.

*On both occasions, it was the +2 granted by Bellatrix that avoided a failure.

** This was triggered by a Mythic check and has totally taken me by surprise – I really did not see this coming. For more on this, see GM Interlude 3.

The Currents of Space 11

Previously … 

‘I don’t know your name; but I do know your face. You’re the piece of filth that allowed my sister to die because of your incompetence.’

Achernar struggled back to consciousness; his head splitting and an agonising pain in his back. He fought back the urge to vomit when he realised that he was in a vacc suit.

‘Don’t move,’ came Bellatrix’s voice over the comm. ‘They’ve dumped us on the terminator; I think I know where we are; but stay in the shadow until I’m sure. These are basic suits, not HEV suits. Oh, and also, we’ve only got six hours of air in the tanks.’

Capella broke in: – ‘I’m so sorry, this is all my fault. I wasn’t good enough at my job …’ His voice broke off into a sob; a few yards away; a suited figure was hunched over.

Achernar pulled himself up to a sitting position. ‘What the frack happened to us? The last thing I remember is the back room of the club.’

A new voice came over the comm. ‘I warned you that these people were fond of tasers. By all accounts, you were tasered several times.’ It was the private investigator they had spoken to earlier. A suited figure stood and waved.

‘I’m Paula Vertise, ex- US Marshal and currently a PI. Obviously, the Lebkuchen now think that I’m a threat.’

‘Lebkuchen. Gingerbread?’

‘Believe me, there is nothing sweet about the Lebkuchen. They are murderous sociopaths; clones created originally to provide for spare-part replacement to the rich. Their psychological profile was ignored and discounted. However, now they are free.’

‘Ah – I remember. The Clone Uprising of 2209 in Germany. I was tramping on a German ship doing the Earth – Hamilton run at the time.’

‘Did you know that the uprising started following a raid on the Haruna Corporation labs in Munich?’

‘And Haruna are here on Crown. That’s interesting, but we’ve got more immediate problems right now. Capella, what the frack is up with you? Why is this all your fault?’

‘Two years ago, after LX504, I was working for Haruna Corporation. One night I was abducted after work and taken to a warehouse; I don’t know where it was. There was a badly-injured woman on a medical bench and another woman; the one who was in the club. The bench was surrounded by genetic engineering kit; gene-splicers, mutators, a growth tank; the lot. I was ordered to splice the two women’s genes and clone the one on the bench.’ Capella fell silent.

‘Who was the woman on the bench?’ said Paula.

‘I don’t know. But I couldn’t do it. I’m a combat medic, not a genetic engineer. The woman on the bench was dying anyway; I tried to save her. The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital; covered in taser burns. I had been found, nearly dead, by a police patrol, in the street.’

‘What did the woman on the bench look like?’ pressed Paula. ‘You treated her; you must have got a good look at her?’

‘I DON’T REMEMBER!’ screamed Capella. ‘I was shitting myself, I wasn’t looking at her.’ He tapped his wrist read-out. ‘We have less than six hours air left.’

‘Relax,’ said Bellatrix. ‘Remember, this is my home world. Many years ago, we established supply dumps of essential supplies across the planet. They are still maintained, although at several board meetings, Adese has proposed discontinuing the maintenance in order to cut costs.’

She looked at everyone. ‘The supply dump is five hours away on foot. This gives a very little margin for error. We can’t afford stragglers; keep up or you die. Is that clear?’

To be continued ….

Tales from the Riverlands

The ‘Annabel Lee’

Carved on a stone in front is the word Egryn.’ ‘Oh. That’s not much of a secret then.’ Felgrin just shrugged. ‘That’s what I know.’

At Smades Tavern they filled in Borgus with what they had found out; then debated how to go about getting a ship. They went to speak to the mayor; they met with Pater Ten who told them that the mayor was unavailable at the moment. He suggested that the best place to look for a ship would be down at the docks. He waved them off with a smile.

Next they tried Benji Frogwater, a halfling merchant. His ship, the “Jade Princess” is one of the ships that had gone missing. It was coming from New Port with a cargo of ironwood. His son was on board. He offered a gold token to find the ship, two tokens if they brought back his son. He didn’t have another ship; he suggested that they found a ship called the ‘Annabel Lee’ and spoke to her captain Sheila Coppertree.

‘Just don’t play her at Black Tar Dice.’

Down at the docks they found the ‘Annabel Lee’ easily enough. Sheila Coppertree was a half-elf, with blonde braided hair, wearing a tricorn hat.

‘Yes, I know the lighthouse. I could take you, but what’s in it for me?’

Borgus pointed to his badge. ‘I am Town Defender of Lantern Town and it would be in your best interests’. Captain Coppertree was unimpressed. ‘Not my town; it’s just one of my ports of call.’

‘Strange’; said Bjorne. ‘Frogwater the merchant said you would help find his missing ship.’ Coppertree turned to him, open-mouthed. ‘The “Jade Princess” is missing? Her captain, Aryn Hest is a good friend of mine. Okay, get yourself aboard, we leave on the tide.’

Just then, a shout came from along the quay; a human and a half-orc were approaching.

‘Coppertree, you thieving whore. We know you used loaded dice. You owe us your ship’

Ganthor glanced at Coppertree, who just smiled and shrugged; then drew her sabre.

‘Neeno and Gaspar. You always were poor losers.’

They were also fairly dumb, for despite the presence of three armed men (and a snarling honey badger), they drew sabres and attacked. Ganthor intercepted Neeno the half-orc and Borgus intercepted Gaspar.

‘Don’t kill them’, yelled Ganthor. *

Despite this instruction, Gaspar died as Honeysuckle tore his throat out. Four crossbowmen popped up on nearby ships and high up on stacked cargo; Honeysuckle took two bolts but survived; Coppertree swung up into the rigging and took out a crossbowman; Ganthor’s Edict Sword glowed and took down another, Borgus punched the third unconscious and the fourth died, poisoned by Bjorne’s fingernails.

‘Sorry’, said Bjorne, cleaning off his dagger.

‘I said, don’t kill them.’

‘I thought you meant, don’t kill them immediately. He took some time to die.’

Whilst they were cleaning up and binding wounds; Coppertree spoke with them. She was very grateful for the help and so will take them to the lighthouse. She also offered them free passage to any port of their choice on the Midland Sea.

GM: The next part was done as a montage. We’ve never really tried this before, so it was a learning curve for all of us.

The ‘Annabel Lee’ sailed on the tide and headed for Skyhorn lighthouse. Shortly after leaving, a fight broke out between several members of the crew, not happy that they had been dragged out of the dockside taverns and Grape Lane. The PC’s presence was enough to put down the fight; the ringleaders were lashed five times and order was restored.

Borgus was standing at the prow when he saw something in the sea ahead; whales with squid tentacles. He shouted a warning to the helmsman; the ship altered course to the south to avoid them. Ahead they saw breakers; on a reef that shouldn’t have been there, there was a wrecked ship. The ‘Annabel Lee’ stood off a cable’s length whilst Ganthor and Borgus boarded the wreck; Borgus determined that it was a Dwarven ship due to its boxy construction **

The ‘Annabel Lee’ continued on towards the lighthouse, which was now visible on the horizon. The seas were growing choppier and the boat was pitching heavily.

‘A minor blow, gentlemen’, called Coppertree, braced by the wheel on the poop deck.

‘What’s that?’ yelled Bjorne, pointing to port. A huge wave was bearing down on the ship, travelling against the tide. It slammed into the ‘Annabel Lee’, rocking it over on to the starboard beam. Several of the crew fell screaming from the rigging. Ganthor and Honeysuckle rolled into the scuppers; over the portside loomed a Water Elemental.

Bjorne staggered to the middle of the deck and called on the Elf Queen

‘Lady of Stars and the Elements; let our foe be diminished!’ ***

‘We can’t fight this in melee, we need missile weapons’ ****

The elemental recovered and surged back towards them. Remembering his last encounter with a fire elemental where his sword melted, Ganthor grabbed a crossbow from one of the crew. ***** The others did the same; Bjorne managed a successful critical hit. The elemental surged over the deck, slamming into Borgus and Ganthor and taking two more of the crew overboard. Coppertree was just able to steer the damaged ship into the small harbour at the foot of the lighthouse. The elemental didn’t follow, but took up guard as a standing wave just off-shore.

‘I’m not leaving until I’ve fixed my ship and that thing has been dealt with’.

They looked up at the lighthouse. A path and steps led up to it; they noticed that the beacon was burning.

To be continued ….


GM notes

* An unexpected change of heart and not fully understood by me!

** Dwarf ships look like floating bricks

*** Icon ice ‘6’ with the Elf Queen, elemental’s HP reduced by 50%

**** Not sure how they came to this conclusion (but sb.)

***** Obviously some kind of vision or dream because this happened in a ‘Beasts and Barbarians’ Game about 5 years ago!

Tales from the Riverlands

GM Interlude – 3

GM: A confession. I set this up as a sandbox, offering leads to several adventures and sub-plots; some linked to others.  I expected the PC’s to pick up on the ones that interested them the most.

Silly GM.

They have literally gone with ALL of them that they know of!

The session involved a lot of information-gathering from various locations and sources. I use the Three-Clue Rule; so they got a lot of information and then had to try and make sense of it.

The session was interrupted by a request from a farmer to sort out some ankhegs that had tunnelled into his barn; Bjorne and Ganthor went to sort out the problem and took out the ankhegs fairly easily. They were rewarded with a Loot Token and a thin stone tile that had part of the word EGRYN carved on it. The tile was found in the monument by some children. The Loot was a +1 Rune that Ganthor took.

What they found out: –

  1. The town militia are poorly equipped, poorly trained and like to avoid trouble. Their previous captain died; Borgus is their new captain. The barracks is next to the Concord Gate (the west gate) , which is shaped like a huge calliope, producing notes when travellers pass through it.
  2. Still looking for a way to infiltrate one of the gangs. They have worked out that the Black Tanners work out of the abandoned tannery north- west of the city.
  3. Several ships have gone missing recently; one from New Port, one from Concord and the last from Drakkenhall.
  4. Bjorne finally told the others of the request that Sigmund Root had made; they found out a little more; Root is a frequent visitor to the town and has a town house near to the east gate. No-one seems to know what he actually does.

5 The North Gate is looks like a hill giant with a raised club; the entrance is between the giant’s legs.

It was when they were standing on the cliffs overlooking the harbour that a seagull landed on Ganthor’s shoulder and a squawking voice said: –

“I am Lucien Skyhorn, from the lighthouse. We’ve been attacked by creatures from the deep. Please come help before it is too late. They must not …”

(a squawk and the seagull flaps away.)

Ganthor: Knows of Lucien Skyhorn, the Skyhorns are a family of druids. Ganthor, as a paladin of the High Druid, is honour-bound to help him.

Bjorne, on hearing the name Skyhorn, had a flashback. He was in Glitterhaegen and one of the Faceless was talking. There were others in the chamber, but he couldn’t recall who or what they were; they were just shadows.

“The Skyhorn lighthouse contains and protects a Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals. A shadowy buyer in Shadow Port will give a princely price for such a bowl.”

Both he and Ganthor looked at each other and said simultaneously;

‘We need to go the lighthouse’

They set off down the hill to collect Borgus and Honeysuckle from Smade’s Tavern and then to the docks to seek out a ship to take them to the lighthouse.


GM Notes

This was last week’s session; I didn’t do a full write-up at the time because it was mainly gathering information (and bug-stomping; I thought the ankhegs would put up more of a fight than they did. Still, ankhegs are a recurring pest in cultivated areas and where Living Dungeons are (oops, does that come under Signs and Portents?))

Only Ben (Ganthor) and Joe (Bjorne) were present. Harry (Borgus/ Honeysuckle) was absent.

However, Joe came back to me and said ‘I’ve got +1 with the Prince of Shadows and I rolled a ‘5’. Is there something at the lighthouse for me to steal?’

Actually, yes there is, the Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals. So we did the flashback scene as a montage, with Ben filling in as the Faceless/ Shadows.

He rolled a ‘5’: – there will be a complication

GM: This has created the Faceless and the concept of shadows

This could also create conflict with Borgus; he is +1 with the Dwarf King and all magical treasures (and, in fact, any other treasure) belongs to the King.


I don’t usually run published adventures, the Delian Tomb was the first one for many years; however the upcoming Adventure is a 13th Age adaptation of the 5e adventure written by Kelsey Dionne (The Arcane Library) and used with her permission.

My reasons are: –

1) I like the story – a lot. It was very easy to tie into the Riverlands

2) I like her minimalist approach (I hate text boxes)

3) Each encounter is laid out on one side of A4, which makes it easy to GM

First part is being run tonight (assuming I don’t get hit by a meteorite or something – I’ve had a run of bad luck recently!) 🙂

Android – 2


Forgot to post the completed character sheet: –

Name:                  Ryk Storm

Archetype:         Normal

Career:                 Investigator

    3                   2                           3                          2                             3                              2

Brawn         Agility              Intellect              Cunning               Willpower            Presence

Soak                      Wound                                 Strain                    M/R Defence

   3                             13                                           13                               – / –           

Skills                                      Attr                 Career         Rank

Driving                                  Ag                           X                1

Melee                                   Br                            X                1

Coercion                              Wi                           X                1

Computer (Hacking)       In                            X                1

Know (Society)                 In                            X                1

Leadership                          Pr                            X

Perception                          Cu                           X                1

Ranged (Light)                   Ag                           X                2

Streetwise                          Cu                           X                2

Vigilance                              Wi                           X                1

Weapon                               Skill                        Damage      Crit       Range      Special

Fletcher pistol                   Ranged (light)          4              2          Med         Pierce 2, Vicious 2

Total XP: 140                      Available XP: 0


Desire: Vengeance – He was set up to fail on his first private contract and he’s got a fairly good idea who it was.

Fear: Failure – he failed on his first job as a PI

Strength: Curious, driven

Flaw: Anger, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and easily gets angry with timewasters


Given: A once per session favour from a current or former NAPD officer or the New Angeles government, even if they don’t owe me a favour.

Owed: Regular (Paul Yao/ Jinteki): When I was pulled from the rubble; Paul Yao paid to have me patched up, provided I still looked for his wife’s killers


Years on the Force (Tier 1)/ SotB/ A once per session favour from a current or former NAPD officer or the New Angeles government, even if they don’t owe me a favour.


ANDROID: Shadow of the Beanstalk

I’ve been a big fan of the Android universe since the revamped Android: Netrunner card game came out. Later I got the HB ‘Worlds of Android’ as a present. So I was really keen to give the RPG a spin when the sourcebook ‘Shadow of the Beanstalk’ was released for the Genesys RPG. I invested in a set of dice (there is an app, but I like rolling real dice!)

Ok, a brief read of the rules and how to read the dice; then I was ready.

One of the best ways to learn a new rule set is to create a character; then run them through a few situations to see how the rules work. So, here we go.

I had in mind a Private Investigator (based on Miller from ‘The Expanse.’) based in New Angeles.


The choice for archetype was between a Natural (human) or a Loonie (from Luna). I went with Natural.

This gives me the following base stats: –

Brawn                   2                              Wound: 10 + Brawn

Agility                    2

Intellect               2

Cunning               2

Willpower           2                              Strain: 10 + Willpower

Presence             2

Starting XP: 120

Any two non-career skills at Rank 1

Ready for anything: Once per session as an out of turn incidental, can move a story point from the GM pool to the player’s pool

(not sure what this means yet, but …)


Has to be Investigator of course.

I get the following as career skills (cheaper to buy) and get rank 1 in four of them.


Computers (Hacking)

Knowledge (Society)


Perception                          1

Ranged (Light)                   1

Streetwise                          1

Vigilance                              1

(I also take -)

Driving                                  1

Melee                                   1


Now I get to spend those xp to modify my character. This is the only time I can easily improve characteristics, although it’s expensive (10 x new level). End result is below. This cost 90 xp.

Career Skills are 5 x new level, capped at 2. I spend 25 to get the end result. This leaves me 5 points to buy a Tier 1 talent. The career paths give some suggestions, so I’ll use one of them.

First, I need a name. Ryk Storm.

Talent: Years on the Force

Storm was a member of the NAPD for years before going private.

Hang on, that’s curious …

Years on the Force gives me a once per session favour from a current or former NAPD officer or New Angeles government, even if they don’t owe me a favour.

It also gives me Perception or Ranged (Light) as a career skill?

I’ve already got those by being an investigator!

Am I missing something here? I’ve checked the rules several times. A non-investigator buying this Talent would get a greater benefit from it?

– Incidentally, this does not occur in the Core Rules; it is setting-specific.

Derived Attributes

Wound                 13

Strain                    13

Defence               0

Soak                      3

Motivation and Favours

I rolled these randomly, then changed the Desire and Fear to better suit the backstory that was evolving.

Desire: Vengeance – He was set up to fail on his first private contract and he’s got a fairly good idea who it was.

Fear: Failure – he failed on his first job as a PI

Strength: Curious, driven

Flaw: Anger


Given: A once per session favour from a current or former NAPD officer or the New Angeles government, even if they don’t owe me a favour.

Owed: Regular (Paul Yao/ Jinteki): When I was pulled from the rubble; Paul Yao paid to have me patched up, provided I still looked for his wife’s killers

This gave me +10 xp so I upped my Streetwise to 2

Gear, Appearance and Personality

Age: mid-40’s. Medium height and build. Wears a black jacket and pants. Black shades (actually one-way clear; they just look black to observers.) Carries the fletcher in a rear-waist holster; belt pack holds the slap-patches and the stims.

Fletcher pistol [Dam 4, Crit 2, Range: Med, Enc: 1, HP: 2, Notes: Pierce 2, Vicious 2)

Forensic kit

Personal comlink

2 slap-patches (painkillers) – Heal 5 Wounds

2 doses of stim (recover all Strain/ take 10 Strain at the end of the encounter)

67 credits

Background (still evolving)

Storm was an NAPD officer for many years; was involved in investigating the Yao family kidnapping. Paul Yao and his wife Linda were rescued but the children were never found. Some years later, Paul Yao received a ransom demand for his children; the attached genetic evidence showed that they were still alive. Storm was denied permission to re-open the case; he resigned and became a private investigator. His first job was for Paul Yao; to track down his children.

Storm still had contacts in the NAPD, plus his own experience on the streets.

Using these resources, eventually he tracked the kidnappers to a warehouse in Eastside. He entered by the roof, only to see the body of Linda Yao on the floor. At this instant the entire building exploded (FAE device; later revealed to have taken out a whole block of structures; estimated death toll 400+)

He woke in a Jintecki clinic; parts of his left arm and leg re-growing. Paul Yao was there; offering an open contract to find his wife’s killers and find his children.



Ok, that’s Ryk created. It took me about 4 hours; but I’m not familiar with the Genesys system and I’m still puzzled by the skills duplication.

Next episode

Ryk hits the streets of New Angeles.