The Stars Like Dust

I’ve been busy setting up a Stars Without Number Game to run with the Monday Gamers. I’m also intending to run some solo Games, using a combination of Mythic GME,9Q’s, Rory’s Story Cubes and some home grown stuff.

The main Game will be an open sandbox, I’m going to generate a few leads to get them started, but then its up to them. I have carried forward a Thread which was developing in the Diaspora game involving the military occupation of Naxos by Corinth. Matt’s character is from Naxos and his family was important politically before the Sodality uprising and subsequent occupation by the Corinthian forces.

The solo Game gives me more options. I could run it as a straight Game using Mythic GME, or I could run an espionage Game using Darkness Falls, or a Liberty Black Game. Arrgh! So many possibilities!