Beasts and Barbarians

Following Andy (Slack’s) endorsement of this Savage Worlds setting and his write-ups on his Halfway Station blog (The Shadows of Keron), I decided to invest in the Golden edition rulebook. Shortly afterwards I bought and downloaded everything else published for the setting and spent a lot of free time on holiday giving it a good read. It is, without a doubt, one of the best published settings for Savage Worlds (or any other Game for that matter). The writing style IMO captures the style of the pulp Sword & Sorcery tales down to a ‘T’.
I ran a couple of solo Games whilst I was away (using a mish-mash of my system, Mythic and Story Cubes),and also wrote several 1-2 page adventures (there are a lot of benefits to being the chief grandparent babysitter whilst everyone else splashes in the sea!)
I’ll be introducing it to the Monday Games Group in the next week or so. I’m looking to run published stuff along with my own stuff