The Currents of Space


The sector is named for the Pemzann Nebula; lit by several proto stars it is visible throughout the sector.

Before the Scream, all traffic came in via the Jump Gate at Proxyon. For reasons now long forgotten the sector was seen as the place where the misfits and malcontents came to; blown by the currents of space from the all-embracing Terran Mandate. Surviving records do not detail exactly when the various cultures came into being.

The Scream perhaps had a lesser effect on the sector. Yes, it is true that many psychics died and that the Gate was closed, but the major polities had retained their spike drive ships and technology.


The major polities are:-


Settled by the Koln Institute; devoted to physical perfection in the human body. The Hellas Worlds comprise three worlds; Thrace, a hot inner biosphere world, Corinth, a temperate world and seat of government and Sparta, a cold outer biosphere world. The Hellas Worlds are ruled via a caste system based on the fittest; all of the population are trained from birth to survive the Triple Tests. The Testing begins at puberty and involves a series of trials on all three planets. Those who pass the Testing become full citizens. Those who fail become the Low, the lowest caste of indentured workers and servants, with no rights. A citizen may then progress to the Primarch tests; to become one of the elite, perhaps to become one of the Triarch rulers. As in all of the Tests, there is no compromise; even to a favoured candidate, failure usually results in death or disablement. As disablement makes someone a Low; this promotes a degree of fanaticism amongst the Hellas; especially in the ranks of the military.


Based around the Exchange Consulate on Pavonis, the Trade Consulate is a mutual trade agreement between the systems of Pavonis, Proxyon and Neu Regari. The Consulate is a series of trading rules; allowing traders from all systems free access to the spaceport. Beyond the spaceport, local laws apply.


The Empire states that it has lasted for two thousand years; this may be true if it was founded by a sleeper ship from Earth. The Empire controls five systems; ruled by the Omnipresent Jade Emperor from the Palace of a Thousand Windows on Wu Xiulan.


A totalitarian state characterised by its extreme paranoia. Controlled by a Political Council, Syros has a very efficient espionage network. It is a good (if somewhat dangerous) place to source information.

Hex        Name                                    Polity                     Notes

0205       Khefin                                   Ind.                        Jungle/swamp, Bolgan Corporation

0207       Naxos                                   Ind.                        Under military occupation from Corinth

0304       Jamison’s World                   Ind.                        Water world, domed cities, severe weather

0308       Hellas Worlds                     Hellas                    Corinth, Sparta, Thrace

0405       Neu Regari                          Consulate            Thick atmosphere, Aerostats

0406       Pavonis                               Consulate

0504       Syros                                     Syros                     Totalitarian state, espionage network

0506       Proxyon                               Consulate            Remains of Jump Gate (Gateway Station)

0606-0607                                            Pemzann Nebula

0705       Qipeng                                 Empire

0707       Xian                                      Empire                  Garden worlds

0708       Seranis Seranon                  Ind.                        Sectarian differences between Blessed Ser and Divine Ser

0803       Luzhou                                 Empire                  Industrial, Imperial work camps

0805       Wu Xiulan                            Empire                  Imperial capital

0806       Tan Gansu                           Empire

Ok – so the map didn’t post. Grab a Traveller subsector and map it yourself until I’ve figured it out!

This is the initial set-up so far. I’ve deliberately limited it to 14 systems; in the past I’ve drawn up a hex sheet of 25+ systems and then decided I didn’t really need them. I’ve left plenty of room for expansion and exploration; already I’ve got an idea for what’s off the map to… no, stop dammit!

Nebula / Gas Clouds prevent reliable spike drive operation, at present there is no foreseeable way of drilling from the Trade Consulate directly to Xian or Seranis Seranon.

There are several areas of interest; the Trade Consulate is a trading federation like the Mediterranean cities around the 14th Century under Lex Mercatoria.

The Hellas Worlds are expansionist and aggressive; the annexation of Naxos was done under an orchestrated plot and counter-plot, with the Corinthian forces there as peacekeepers by ‘invitation’ of the lawful government.

Syros is a totalitarian state exhibiting extreme paranoia. Its espionage network and methods are second to none and the state generates income through information brokerage. Caveat Emptor! There is always a price to be paid.

The Bright Empire simply seeks to expand; to bring enlightenment to all other known systems. They are slow and subtle; however those who refuse to be enlightened are re-educated until they see the light.

I’ve got some ideas for characters; the solo Game will be run using a mish-mash of Mythic GME, Story Cubes and my own stuff.

ACHERNAR – An agent for the Exchange of Light based on Pavonis. His role is to protect the interests of the Consulate; Pavonis in particular.

BELLATRIX – Pilot, ex-Nakamura Lines of Proxyon. She has her own ship and is currently a blockade runner, running supplies to the Sodality Freedom Fighters on Naxos. Her ship is a modified freighter called “Capellan Winds”.

CAPELLA 701 – The AI of Bellatrix’s ship “Capellan Winds”.

The first episodes will probably be scene-setting and introducing the SPC’s.


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