The Currents of Space – Pavonis

Achernar is going to start off on Pavonis, working as a agent for the Exchange. These are the stats for the Pavonis system; I’ve added in more details from my own stuff.

PAVONIS (0406)

Political: Trade Consulate

Links to: Neu Regari (0405), Hellas Worlds (0308), Proxyon (0506)

A yellow star with one gas giant and two significant planets.

Pavonis I: Orbit 4 (Habitable zone). Size 12800 km diameter, 10 Environs Prime culture: Italian / Mediterranean

Atmosphere Breathable Temp Temperate Bio Miscible Pop 1,000,000 Tech 4+ Port B
Hydro Moderate Rings None Moons 6: 3 x Tiny, 3 x Small

Tags: Exchange Consulate, Trade Hub

Enemies: Corrupt Exchange Official, Thieving Dockworker, Cheating Merchant

Friends: Hardscrabble Free Trader (Bellatrix), Exchange Diplomat, Consul in need of off-world help

Compl.    A powerful debtor refuses to pay; Saboteurs seek to blow up a rival’s warehouses, An outworlder faction schemes to seize the Trade Hub

Things:   Wealth hidden to conceal it from a bankruptcy judgement, Exchange Vault codes, Insider trading information

Places:    Elegant restaurant, Spaceport teeming with activity, Orbital station

ENVIRONS Northern Hemisphere

  1. LV-FL 1 x 500,000 (Spaceport), 1X 100,000
  2. WD-HL
  3. LV-FL 1X 50,000
  4. LV-FL
  5. FO-HL

Southern Hemisphere

  1. WD-HL 1X 100,000, 1X 100,000
  2. LV-FL
  3. BA-FL
  4. LV-FL 1x 100,000, 1X 50,000
  5. LV-FL

Locations: The “Double Helix” bar, run by Ryk Storm (blinded by flesh-eating bugs on Khefir) ====================================================

Gas Giant: Orbit 7 (Outer Habitable) Rings: Yes Moons: 8 ====================================================

Pavonis II: Orbit 9 (Far Outer zone). Size 11200 km diameter, 8 Environs Research outpost administered from Pavonis I

Atmosphere Thin Temp Cold Bio Immiscible Pop Outpost Tech 3* Port E
Hydro Moderate Rings None Moons 1: 1xTiny

Tags:      Alien Ruins

Enemies: Customs inspector

Friends: Interstellar smuggler, Henders Neale the avaricious local resident

Compl. Paranoid customs officials   

Things:   Untranslated alien texts, Remains of previous expedition, Energy beam into Gas Giant

Places:    Perfectly preserved alien building

ENVIRONS Northern Hemisphere

  1. WD-FL
  2. JU-HL Outpost (8000)
  3. LV-FL
  4. DE-FL Alien ruins. 3x Research Bases (200)

Southern Hemisphere

  1. LV-FL
  2. LV-FL
  3. LV-FL
  4. MA-FL

Notes: Transit time from Pavonis I to Pavonis II is 60 hours (3 days Terran Mandate Calendar)


GM: Notes: The Environ types are taken from SPI’s Universe rpg; I don’t usually bother with drawing a map; just use a random roll to see where a given site is and record it for the future. I’ll assign names to places when it becomes relevant.


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