Achernar – solo hero

Ok, now let’s create Achernar. I’ve already decided that currently he’s an Exchange enforcer based on Pavonis. I’m going to leave some unanswered questions to act as leads / Threads


Class: Warrior    Level 1 / XP: 0 HP 8 Fray d8

STR         12/+0                    AB         +1

INT         15/+1                    PE           12

WIS        5/-1                        ME         15

DEX        14/+1                    ES           14

CON       9/+0                       TS           16

CHA       14/+1                    LS            13

Increased Dex to 14 to fit Class.

As per Stellar Heroes, Achernar gets maximum HP and a Fray die of d8


Background: Let’s try a random roll – Con Artist. This could fit well. He grew on the streets, running with local gangs and gaining valuable contacts and skills.


Did he do anything significant during this time?

How did he end up working for the Exchange?

Training: Exchange Enforcer

He was recruited into the Exchange as a trouble shooter / freelance operative. The Exchange keeps its ear to the ground in regards to any shady deals; not all are intercepted or stopped, but the Exchange does like to know everything about what’s going on. That’s where Achernar steps in.


What is his cover?

                He runs a small charter firm, operating one helicopter out of Medina City. The firm caters to the tourism industry, flying sightseeing tours and undertaking charter work. It goes by the name “Inguria Airtours”. This gives him the perfect cover to fly around anywhere

Achernar doesn’t start with a vehicle skill so I’ll state that the Exchange trained him enough to cover the role.


Has anything significant happened to him?



Culture/Criminal, Culture/World (Pavonis), Persuasion 1, Stealth, Business, Combat/Projectile, Culture/Traveller, Security, Tactics, Vehicle/Air

Credits: 200


SA pistol (Hit +2, 1d6+1, 30/100, #12, T3)

Ammo #20

2 x Lazarus patch


Survival Kit

Knife (Hit +2, 1d4, 6/9)

Several sets of clothes, casual, street and smart.

Inguria Airtours pilots coveralls



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