Flotsam and Jetsam


I’m putting the Currents of Space on temporary hold as I want to try a different solo Game. As I’ve just finished a successful run in pantomime appearing as a pirate in “Peter Pan”; I was given “50 Fathoms” as a gift. This setting is great, I love the blend of pirates, magic and non-human races set in a doomed world. I’ve skimmed the Plot Points and they look well-written and intriguing.

I’m going to start at the beginning, with a single character and see what develops. As a solo engine I’ll use a blend of Mythic GME (as GM), Story Cubes (mainly to give NPC’s character) and my own stuff (off-time table, solo combat). Anything else I’ll write as needed.

Introducing Jim Hawkins

I’m going to give a little bit of back story, in order to get a better handle on Jim, because he is the same Jim Hawkins from ‘Treasure Island’, now grown up.

When Jim returned from Treasure Island he had a modest amount of treasure, enough to buy the ‘Admiral Benbow’ and settle down with his mother. However, there was always the rumour that there was more treasure on the island and that Ben Gunn didn’t find all of it. After all, who is to say that Captain Flint didn’t pay more than one visit? Over the years the treasure was spent, yet still Jim lived happily at the inn. Rumours spread though and increasingly there came callers at the inn, visitors enquiring after the legendary Treasure Island, and wanting to hear the story.

One day, Jim was in Bristol buying supplies for the inn, when his eye was caught by two ragged sailors disembarking off a ship. To his horror he recognised them; one was Blind Pew, who had been left for dead outside the ’Admiral Benbow’ years ago, and the other was Israel Hands, Flint’s gunner, who Jim though he had killed on the ‘Hispaniola’. In a hurry, he packed the wagon and headed back to the inn. He sent a message to the squire to ask for help for he had no doubt where they were heading.

As a real storm raged overhead, Hands, Pew and a gang of cut-throats attempted to take the inn that night; Jim had sent his mother away and was lying in wait with some soldiers and his friend William Redruth, son of Tom Redruth. In the ensuing fight, bottles were smashed and lanterns knocked over; the inn was engulfed in flames. Jim and William escaped to the coast and sailed off in a small sloop that Jim owned. Jim was unsure of where they were heading. Struggling in the teeth of a howling gale, they encountered the ghostly Maiden…


Human, English // 6.7.6(1).0 // [6/10/14/18/22]

Boating 6, Climb 4, Fighting 8, Know (Masaquani) 6, Notice 6, Shooting 8, Stealth 6, Taunt 6


Curious (always wants to know what’s going on)

Wanted (pirates after Flint’s treasure)

Squanderous (can’t keep hold of money)


Acrobat (+2 Agility rolls, +1 Parry if unencumbered)

Steady Hands (no penalty for shooting off a moving platform)

Booty: Silver 55

Stash: Silver 150 (behind the bar at “The Shipwreck Surprise” on Azy Cay

Gear:     Total Enc: 26 (30/60/120/180)

Leather armour (+1) [15]

Dagger (Str+d4) [1]

Cutlass (Str+d6) [4]

Flintlock pistol (5/10/20, 2d6+1) [3]

Powder & Shot (10) [1]

Leather satchel [2]

Personal Threads

Find William Redruth

Hunted by pirates after Flint’s treasure

 XP: 0


Free Edge: Acrobat

Curious: +1 Smarts

Wanted and Squanderous: Steady Hands





OK, that’s Jim done. Now to see what’s happening on the world of Caribdus.


One thought on “Flotsam and Jetsam

  1. Hmm, I’ve been curious about 50 Fathoms for some time, as it’s often held up as the “gold standard” for plot point campaigns/SW settings. Will be watching with interest.

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