Flotsam & Jetsam


13th February 13AF

Opening: Jim runs down to the docks to intercept the “Lady Evil” before it sails

Gan pulls at Jim’s arm, shaking his head. “Bonnwin said no, to wait. Go later”. Jim shook his hand off and carried on along the alley.

“If we wait, they will have sailed. They were sailing on the tide”

“Bonnwin said wait, they not wait”.

Jim paused and thought for a moment. What Gan was saying was that Bronwyn thought it might be a trap; that some of Black Bob’s crew might be waiting to ambush them. He waited some time, then he and Gan made their way down to the Piers. They arrived in time to see the “Lady Evil” just doubling the point.*

Jim spoke to some of the stevedores, asking if anyone had seen Bronwyn go aboard the “Lady Evil”. None of them had, but they did confirm that the ship was bound for Calib’s Rock. Jim reflected on this; he hadn’t seen any reason to doubt what Black Bob had said concerning where the ship was sailing to.

Jim, with Gan in tow, starting asking around the taverns to see if any ship was sailing for Calib’s Rock. He struck lucky; he was referred to a chandler and told to ask for Aurelianus.

The chandler’s stores, like all such places, was dimly lit and cluttered with ship’s gear; smelling strongly of tarred rope. The chandler, a Masaquani, was deep in conversation with a purple-skinned Kraken, haggling over some ships stores. They both turned as Jim entered, leaving Gan outside.

“I am here to ask for Captain Aurelianus”, said Jim. “Is he here?”

“I am Aurelianus” said the Kraken in a gurgling voice. “Why are you asking for me? Be hasty, I sail on this tide.”

“I am told you are bound for Calib’s Rock. I, and a companion, would take passage with you. I am a seaman and can work my passage if you wish.”

“And your companion? Can they work their passage too?”

“They have a strong back and can haul their weight”.

The Kraken regarded him with yellow-green eyes. “Agreed. Ten silver each to pay for your provisions.” He turned to the chandler. “Have the extra provisions loaded aboard; he will pay.” To Jim he said “Pay the man, we sail in one hour on the turn of the tide. Look for the skiff ‘Celaphon’.”

Jim paid over 20 pieces of eight and he and Gan made their way along the Piers. The ‘Celaphon’ is a single-masted skiff, with one gun port and starboard. Aurelianus was waiting on the main deck for them.

“Stow your gear below then come topsides. Let me see how you handle a ship; you can take her out of port.”

End of Scene 4



What is the Red Man’s secret

Rescue Bronwyn from Black Bob

                Has Bronwyn gone willingly?


Drop one to 6. (I’m going to abandon the Pressure Cooker and revert to the original rules. Under the PC rules Chaos would now be 8!)


Gan, the wounded Red Man with a secret to a great treasure

Bronwyn, Ships Surgeon

Black Bob and his crew

Aurelianus, Kraken captain of the ‘Celaphon’



Unknown Whip Island

“The Tarred Rope” tavern in Baltimus


GM’s notes

* This was the result of an interrupt; the overall message was Procrastinate and Expose-Wishes, which I took to mean that Bronwyn wanted them to wait until the ship had sailed. Hmm. Has she really been kidnapped or has she gone willingly? I’ll add that as a sub-Thread.

Again, a combination of events and answers to questions are throwing this Game in a totally different direction to what I had originally envisaged. However, It IS only like being a player with a GM; you don’t know what they have in mind for the adventure.

Next Scene: The voyage to Calib’s Rock.


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