Flotsam & Jetsam

I’ve been doing some background prep and tidying things up.

1) The map or Caribdus given as a download is a mess; it is gridded into staggered squares on an isometric grid and the squares are barely visible. I’ve repainted it onto an orthogonal grid (ala PoTSM); there has been a very slight loss of scale but not enough to worry about. Ships sail normally along the grid and use a d8 for random movement. It also allows me to use coordinates to place stuff; the island with the Skeletal Warriors is at (13,21).

I’ve also started to list all Locations and the prominent people found in them. I know this isn’t necessary (or desirable), but one of the great advantages of a solo Game is that you can indulge yourself as much as you like. Having some NPC families sketched out means that a Mythic result of “Remote / Ambiguous Event” can be given more meaning / relevance. I wrote a card driven system years ago that creates noble dynasties that I’m resurrecting.


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