The Currents of Caribdus

Scene: Eight

20th February 13 AF, Calib’s Rock

Opening: Gan and a Grael called Hok are fighting to see who the strongest man in the town is. Gan is still wounded from the fight with the skeletal warriors on the uncharted island.

Word quickly spread about the fight and a large number of townsfolk were gathering to watch. Money was changing hands and wagers being taken on the outcome. Jim’s squanderous nature got the better of him and he wagered 30 silver on Gan to win; getting fairly good 3:2 odds.

Gan stepped into the circle drawn in the dirt, hefting his club. Then Hok entered the circle opposite Gan.The crowd roared, for the Grael towered over the Red Man. Jim stifled a groan, for Hok was carrying a barbed spear*

Hok wasted no time, with a loud grunt he levelled his spear and stabbed at Gan. The thrust missed; Gan hefted his club and kicked up mud into Hok’s face. Hok staggered back but recovered his poise and readied his spear. Gan bared his teeth and howled at Hok, who seemed taken aback; obviously this primitive savage was no pushover. Again Hok stabbed at Gan, this time the attack only just missed. Gan went fully defensive; seeking another way of getting an edge. He saw an opening and swung his club; the blow connected but bounced off the Graels rubbery hide. A second blow had the same result.

“He can’t hurt him”, thought Jim desperately. “That thing’s got a tough hide.”

A roar from the crowd brought his attention back to the fight; Hok had managed to stab Gan with the spear. The result was startling. Gan let out a bestial howl and his eyes turned blood-red; he gripped his club and began flailing around wildly.

“He’s another berserker! Is everyone I meet liable to go berserk?”***

Hok hesitated for a fatal moment; Gans club smashed into the side of his head with a sickening crunch and Hok fell, his spear falling from his lifeless hand. The crowd began to panic and tried to move backwards; but Gan just stood still and lowered his club. Moving over to Hok, he picked up the spear.

“Gans spear now.” No-one seemed inclined to argue.

Jim collected his winnings, a total of 45 silver. He learnt that no-one was sorry to see the death of Hok; he had been the town bully; using his strength and manner to get what he wanted. The townsman pointed Jim towards the shanty where Hok lived; “mayhap there’s something there?”

The shanty was dim and stank of old fish. Scattered about was a total of 70 silver. There was nothing else of interest.

End of Scene Eight



What is the Red Man’s secret

                > The marks on his back have some relevance

Rescue Bronwyn from Black Bob

                Has Bronwyn gone willingly?


Stays at 6. Calib’s Rock is fairly lawless; no-one tried to stop the fight happening


Gan, the wounded Red Man with a secret to a great treasure

Bronwyn, Ships Surgeon

Black Bob and his crew

Aurelianus, Kraken captain of the ‘Celaphon’

Dulce Decorum, Masaquani Questor



Unknown Whip Island

“The Tarred Rope” tavern in Baltimus

Calib’s Rock

Reminders (yet another new list)

Jim 1W (Nat. Heal 23/2)

Gan 2W (Nat. Heal 24/2)

GM Notes

* A hasty write of a rule into the solo combat system to allow for Reach weapons.

** The solo system worked well. I was beginning to worry for Gan. Right up until the end couple of Rounds, he always had a lower initiative card than Hok. Due to Hok’s high Toughness and the low(ish) damage that Gans club did; Gan needed a Raise and/or some Acing to hope to take out Hok.

> Hok has a Toughness of 9(1) [9/13] and is an Extra. Gan has a club (Str+d4) = (d10+d4), so on average Gan does (5+2 = 7) damage when he hits; not enough to even faze Hok. If Gan gets a Raise then his average damage goes up to 10.5 (5+2+3.5), which will Shake Hok. Two such hits will take him down. This is why Gan tried the various Tricks and Intimidations to either get a bonus to hit or to Shake Hok first. The problem was, Hok always was able to recover before Gan could take advantage of any bonus gained.

** Gans wounds didn’t help either, giving -2 to almost every roll he made.

*** This was a surprise to me as well

General Musings

                Who remembers Don Turnbull’s Monstermark system for D&D from the 1970’s? I’m trying to Savage it but I fear it is well beyond my mathematical ability to do it.

> The base was: Take a monster and calculate how many rounds (on average), it would take a 1st level fighter with a sword, to kill it. Then calculate use this to calculate how much damage (on average) the beastie would do in this amount of time. The result was a relative value of how nasty the monster was. Don bolted on a load of extra stuff to allow for special abilities (he WAS a maths teacher, I believe); however the base idea as given above is sound


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