The Currents of Caribdus

Game: The Currents of Caribdus

Scene: Nine

21st February 13 AF, at Calib’s Rock.

Opening: Following the fight with Hok, the townsfolk allowed Gan and Jim to take over Hok’s shanty. They spent some time cleaning it out and fixing the leaks in the roof. It was raining again; this seemed to be the normal weather for the town.

22nd February. Jim woke to find the door swinging open and his money (all 50 silver) missing. He secured the door and considered going out onto the street and asking around. He decided this would be a waste of time; so looked to see what he could sell. As his flintlock was FUBAR he decided to sell his powder and shot; that should net enough cash to live on for a short time.

Down in the market (if you could call it that), he was easily out-bargained and received a miserable 4 silver for his trade. “That’s not going to keep both of us for more than a day or so”.

Jim’s attention was drawn to a commotion down towards the docks, where a crowd was forming. A circle of people were watching a scurrilian who was carrying a leather-bound book in one gripping hand and a quill in the other.

“Attention, watch if you please”, the scurillian said. “I draw a figure, thus. I throw the page to the ground and… Behold! “. As Jim watched, the page fluttered to the ground, dissolving into dust which swirled upwards to form a humanoid figure. It walked around and performed actions as directed by the crab man; then abruptly it turned back to dust which was washed away by the rain. “Am I not a master of magic?”

“Is he/it really that stupid?” thought Jim. “Hard shell or not, someone is going to make a crab salad out of him for that book.” He stepped forward, Gan in tow. “This man is under my protection,” he said loudly. Gan hefted his spear and looked menacing.

“My name is Tusos. Are you in charge here?”

“Not as such. However, you would be wise to keep a low profile and keep that book hidden whilst you’re here.”

“Oh. Is this a pirate town then, like Brigandy Bay? I haven’t been there yet, but I’m hoping to. Eventually I’m going to visit every settlement, village, town, city and castle on Caribdus.”

“Why? What are you and why are you doing this?”

“I’m counting them. I’m going to tour round the whole of the world. I’m a tourist”

End of Scene Nine



What is the Red Man’s secret

                > The marks on his back have some relevance

Rescue Bronwyn from Black Bob

                Has Bronwyn gone willingly?


+1 to 7. The arrival of Tusos and his general naivety has complicated the situation, also Jim is broke.


Gan, the wounded Red Man with a secret to a great treasure

Bronwyn, Ships Surgeon

Black Bob and his crew

Aurelianus, Kraken captain of the ‘Celaphon’

Dulce Decorum, Masaquani Questor

Tusos, naïve Scurrilian tourist with a magic book



Unknown Whip Island

“The Tarred Rope” tavern in Baltimus

Calib’s Rock

Reminders (yet another new list)

Jim 1W (Nat. Heal 23/2)

Gan 2W (Nat. Heal 24/2)

GM Notes


If I had needed a demonstration of where the Game can take over and go off on a curve, this was it!

Now, Mythic GME does give a ‘get-out’ clause in that “if you can’t make up something quickly, then forget it.” Playing solo, you can afford to ignore this rule. In this case, I had to.

The dice and card draws gave me a non-human with an unusual item. A couple more rolls/draws told me he was a Scurrilian, but he wasn’t an Elementalist. He did have a magic item. Some more rolls – the item was a book and it cast a Summoning spell. Hmm. The only Summoning spells known on Caribdus Summon Elementals – not something I wanted Jim and Gan to face at this time.

OK, so the book casts Summon Ally. I came up with the concept of to cast the spell you draw a picture on a blank page and tear it out; the figure come to life and acts for 3 rounds. Regardless of what you draw, you get the same Ally (sb.)

Why is the Scurillian (a quick roll on a Name table gives Tuvos – the letter T starts me thinking?) showing off this Book the way he is? Roll personality – he’s naïve and stupid. Would he really do this though?

Thinking back to the way the Savage Gamers play in ‘Beasts and Barbarians’, the answer is ‘yes, he probably would.’ Mythic confirmed this.

So, I’ve got a Scurillian with a magic book that casts a spell unknown on Caribdus, yet all he can think of to do with it is to “show off” to the locals. He wants to visit everywhere on Caribdus so that he can count the number of places he has visited. The image of Twoflower (from the Discworld), sprang to mind and so Tuvos the tourist was born.



Book, Quarto-sized

Has 2d6+12 pages when found, pages are blank. Once they are all torn out then the magic is gone.

*When any figure is drawn on a blank page and the page torn out, then this acts a Summon Ally spell (as per CR). No Spellcasting roll necessary. Anyone can use the Book.

Duration: 3 Rounds (cannot be extended)

*Regardless of what is drawn, the summoned Ally has the following stats: – // 6.5.5 // (5/9)

Fight 6, Notice 6

*Construct: +2 Recover

*Fearless, Immune to Fear and Intimidation

*Damage (Str + d4) (regardless of what weapon they are drawn with)



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