THe Currents of Caribdus

Scene 10


Jim, Gan and Tusos in their shanty in Calib’s Rock, awaiting the arrival of the ‘Lady Evil’

23rd February 13 AF

A deputation arrives in the morning; the townsfolk want Gan to defend them against Black Bob and his crew, who usually just take what they want. He has already killed Hok, who was a member of the crew.

Jim sat back and thought a while. The ‘Lady Evil’ is a Hoy; which usually has a crew of 8 and a gun crew of 4. Hok is dead, Gan is here and Bronwyn… well, let’s assume she won’t fight with the pirates. So, Me, Gan and Tusos (with his book) are facing between eight and ten pirates, including Black Bob. He went down into the market place and called for attention.

“My friends”, he said. “We have been asked to defend your fine settlement against the ravages of Black Bob and his scurvy pirates. I and my companions will do this and rid you of him forever. Are any of you with me?” To his astonishment, the crowd backed off quickly and began to disperse.*

“No no, Sir Jim”, said Carlin Rost the wine merchant. “We are not fighters, just simple tradesfolk. If we rise up against Black Bob; his revenge would be terrible. But you will prevail against him; after all, Hok was his strongest fighter.”**

Jim was devastated. His first instinct was to abandon the town to its fate; but that would mean leaving Bronwyn.

“Do not worry, my friend”, came a voice at his ear. “I will fight with you.” Jim turned to see the pale, haunted face of Dulce Decorum the Masaquani Questor. Jim breathed a deep sigh. They might just have a chance.

They spent the remainder of this day and the next day making plans; Jim and Gan healed all of their wounds***

End of Scene 10



What is the Red Man’s secret

                > The marks on his back have some relevance

Rescue Bronwyn from Black Bob

                Has Bronwyn gone willingly?


No change; stays at 7


Gan, the wounded Red Man with a secret to a great treasure

Bronwyn, Ships Surgeon

Black Bob and his crew

Aurelianus, Kraken captain of the ‘Celaphon’

Dulce Decorum, Masaquani Questor

Tusos, naïve Scurrilian tourist with a magic book

Carlin Rost, wine seller in Calib’s Rock



Unknown Whip Island

“The Tarred Rope” tavern in Baltimus

Calib’s Rock


GM’s Notes

* Jim rolled a Critical Fail; I don’t allow re-rolls on these. Gan and Tusos failed to make an impact.

** Bullshit

*** The card draw came up as ‘Options’, a very powerful draw allowing you to do almost anything (take an action, heal, translate a scroll, learn a spell, contact an NPC etc.) In this case, both Jim and Gan elected to heal and succeeded in healing all wounds. A bit met gamey, but they are heroes!

Again, an example of where Mythic can take over and push you in an unknown direction. It is VERY easy to override this and ‘do your own thing’. When using Mythic, DON’T PLAN AHEAD! Just let events unfold.

Next Scene: Jim, Gan, Tusos and Dulce against the pirates and Black Bob.


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