MINDJAMMER: Hearts and Minds Adventure

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This is what Mindjammer needed – a well-thought out and designed adventure. Sarah has taken the adventure outline out of the CR and expanded it into a full adventure in four parts; plus giving a lot more detail to the world of Olkennedy. Throughout the text are references back to the CR; when read in conjunction this gives a good insight into adventure design and how to run the adventure.

The adventure itself is in four Episodes; each Episode is in a sandbox format; following the initial Hook each section of the Episode is presented with several options for the PC’s to follow. Basically, a civil war is brewing on Olkennedy; the PC’s can take sides or try and remain neutral (unlikely). Also; there are several sub-plots which they can get involved in.

One thing is obvious – Sarah does not think small. This is not a series of minor encounters like “Go and steal an item off an important person”. Instead, the actions and events are on a planetary scale; with PC’s making decisions and taking actions that can affect entire cultures and economies. Space opera on a grand scale; but all cross-referenced within itself and to the CR to make it easy for the GM.

I am writing a set of adventures for Mindjammer; having read “Hearts and Minds” I am revising some of my basic concepts. This has set the bar very high indeed and I expect that subsequent adventures will raise the bar even higher.


The Currents of Caribdus

Scene 11

The Fight at Calib’s Rock


Calib’s Rock, 23rd February AF 13

Jim. Gan, Dulce and Tusos are making plans to deal with Black Bob and the crew of the “Lady Evil”. Dulce went out into the town and bought a cask of gunpowder and some other items to make gunpowder bombs. He also found out that Black Bob carried a volley gun; some sort of multi-barrelled pistol.

The plan was cunning in its simplicity. Jim paid an urchin to keep watch off the highest point for the approach of the ship. Tusos was to wait up on Calib’s Rock itself, armed with two of the bombs, He was to light and throw these onto the ship once it was moored; then drop into the water and swim to the ship. He would climb aboard and use the Book to dispose of any remaining crew. Meanwhile on the dock, Jim would call out Black Bob and challenge him. Bob would no doubt set his crew upon Jim, at which point Gan and Dulce would throw their bombs and then join in the melee.

As the saying goes, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

24th February

The lookout reported that the ship was approaching; Jim went up on to the Rock to have a look. It was apparent that something was wrong; Bronwyn was tied to the mainmast and the crew were ready for combat.* Still, he decided to go ahead with the attack. Tusos moved into position and Jim went to join Gan and Dulce on the quay.

The “Lady Evil” docked and five of the crew leapt on to the dock. Gan lit the fuse on his powder bomb and threw it at Black Bob; he messed it up and the fuse went out; it didn’t matter anyway as he threw too hard and the bomb sailed over the ship and landed in the harbour. Yelling at Dulce to join him, Jim charged at the pirates on the quay and cut one down. The pirates on the ship were armed with pistols; they all fired at Tusos, standing high on the Rock above them. Tusos wasn’t expecting this so they got The Drop on him; only one shot hit him but it came perilously close to penetrating his shell, he fell back, Shaken. The pirates on the quay taunted Jim, distracting him; too late he looked up to see a net full of crates falling towards him. He just got out of the way but was Shaken and his sword was entangled in the ropes. Dulce went for Black Bob, firing his pistol. It was a long shot but Bob was hit in the left arm. Tusos failed to Recover and ducked back out of sight; Bronwyn tried to free herself but failed.

Seeing that Jim was off-balance the pirates charged at him and attacked; Jim defended himself well but still took several minor wounds and was Shaken. Black Bob fired his pistol at Dulce (the bastard that had wounded him), the shot hit with a glancing blow that did no damage. Dulce smiled a terrible smile and pulled his sword. Gan grasped his spear and ran up onto the poop deck towards Bob.

“Now I hurt you”

Gan stabbed with the spear, Bob desperately tried to parry with his pistol but to no avail; the barbed spear sank deep into his guts. Bob fell to the deck, blood spreading in a pool under him.** Gan raised the spear high.

“Now I really hurt you”

“Gan, no!” cried Bronwyn. “Don’t kill him”.

Seeing their leader fall, the rest of the pirates threw down their weapons.

End of Scene 11.



What is the Red Man’s secret

                > The marks on his back have some relevance

Rescue Bronwyn from Black Bob

                Has Bronwyn gone willingly?


Drops to 6


Gan, the wounded Red Man with a secret to a great treasure

Bronwyn, Ships Surgeon

Black Bob and his crew

Aurelianus, Kraken captain of the ‘Celaphon’

Dulce Decorum, Masaquani Questor

Tusos, naïve Scurilian tourist with a magic book

Carlin Rost, wine seller in Calib’s Rock



Unknown Whip Island

“The Tarred Rope” tavern in Baltimus

Calib’s Rock


GM’s Notes

* The outcome of several events that happened “off-camera”

** The damage dice were Acing almost every roll – one of those things that makes SW combat so enjoyably deadly

A good test of the solo combat system; it still isn’t perfect and you do have to apply logic occasionally (like in Mythic.) The high spot had to be all of the pirates opening up on Tusos; basically he drew a 2C which means he can’t attack and all opponents get The Drop on him. The pirate group drew the only other black card that round so Tusos was the only viable target (at Long range). He has a Toughness of 9 with his shell; the shot that hit did 12 damage. One more point of damage would have killed him (he is an Extra).

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