MINDJAMMER: Hearts and Minds Adventure

Available on DriveThru

This is what Mindjammer needed – a well-thought out and designed adventure. Sarah has taken the adventure outline out of the CR and expanded it into a full adventure in four parts; plus giving a lot more detail to the world of Olkennedy. Throughout the text are references back to the CR; when read in conjunction this gives a good insight into adventure design and how to run the adventure.

The adventure itself is in four Episodes; each Episode is in a sandbox format; following the initial Hook each section of the Episode is presented with several options for the PC’s to follow. Basically, a civil war is brewing on Olkennedy; the PC’s can take sides or try and remain neutral (unlikely). Also; there are several sub-plots which they can get involved in.

One thing is obvious – Sarah does not think small. This is not a series of minor encounters like “Go and steal an item off an important person”. Instead, the actions and events are on a planetary scale; with PC’s making decisions and taking actions that can affect entire cultures and economies. Space opera on a grand scale; but all cross-referenced within itself and to the CR to make it easy for the GM.

I am writing a set of adventures for Mindjammer; having read “Hearts and Minds” I am revising some of my basic concepts. This has set the bar very high indeed and I expect that subsequent adventures will raise the bar even higher.


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