Crait is a slave who previously was owned by Boss Denn. When Denn was killed by Boss Duggan, Bella became Craits new owner, Crait is okay with this as with his looks it will be difficult to be one of the People alone.


Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 3, Wits 2, Empathy 3

Skills: Endure 1, Force 3, Fight 1, Move 2, Shake it Off 2 (Bonus Skill)

Appearance: Dead eyes, Bestial face, Prominent incisors*, Muscular build, wears a dirty coverall

Talent: Rebel (Endure roll, every ‘6’ means +1 Skill Dice on next Action)


Manbeast – Bestial appearance, has natural weapons

Rot-Eater – Can absorb Rot damage to a certain degree



Bella (PC#2) is my rightful owner, her will is law. You are her buddy

Allandar (PC#1) treats me like garbage and I don’t understand why Bella likes him so much.


I hate anyone who insults me by calling me a dog. Bella sometimes lets me hit them.

I must protect the Fixer Jaz, because Boss Denn ordered me to and I have never been told to stop.


My Big Dream is to find others of the People who look like me.



Grub 6

Water 1

Bullets 0

Bicycle chain (+1, Damage 1, Range: Near), worn round neck


* Think of the Motorhead logo




Bella is an Enforcer. She was bodyguard to Boss Denn; Denn and Boss Duggan had a confrontation and Denn lost. Bella survived but was badly disfigured; now she always wears a hockey mask and never removes it.


Attributes: Attributes: Strength 4, Agility 4, Wits 3, Empathy 3

Skills: Endure 1, Force 1, Fight 3, Move 1, Shoot 2, Intimidate 2 (Bonus Skill)

Appearance: Pale white hockey mask, scarred muscular body, ripped t-shirt and pants with bits of car tyre attached

Talent: Sucker Punch (extra damage in unarmed combat)

Mutation: Spores – Can launch spore clouds that have different effects (usually unpleasant).


Allandar (PC#1) is wonderful. He is my buddy, but one day he will totally be mine.

Crait (PC#3) was still standing after I punched him. That must stand for something.


I hate Chait the Handler, because he let his dog ruin my face. Chait works for Boss Duggan.

I need to protect what remains of Denn’s People


My Big Dream is to protect the Centre against all threats


OK, back to Allandar


This is created straight out of the RAW; modified by what I did to set up the Zone.


Allandar is a Chronicler, keeping a record of what the People do. The Elder said that the Centre kept many records once.

Attributes: Strength 4, Agility 3, Wits 3, Empathy 4*

Skills: Endure 1, Fight 1**, Shoot 2**, Scout 2, Comprehend 1, Sense Emotion 1, Inspire 2***

Appearance: Skinny, with a sickly pale skin. Wears the remains of a business suit and jacket; the Ancients in the Centre wore such clothing.

Talent: Performer – I can use this to get grub and water

Mutation: Telepathy – This could be useful. However, you can’t use your mutation all the time whenever you feel like it.


Crait (PC#3) is a threat to the entire People (don’t know how yet)

Bella (PC#2) supports me and I watch out for Bella. She is my buddy.


I hate Boss Duggan because he destroys things

I need to protect my notes and papers


My Big Dream is that the Centre will become a great place for records again and people will come here like they used to.



Grub 1, Water 3, Bullets 6. (This isn’t so good; everyone consumes 1 grub and 1 water per day or suffer the consequences. Also, I don’t have a weapon (I need a ranged weapon so I can keep at a distance)). I spend 2 bullets to get 2 grub and manage to get a bow and four arrows for 3 bullets. (Make every shot count!)

Final: Grub 3, Water 3, Bullets 1, Bow /4 arrows



* I put extra points here as Empathy is a key skill for talking to people, which is what Allandar is going to be doing (hopefully).

** However, I’m not naïve!

*** This is the bonus Skill I get for being a Chronicler.


That’s Allandar done. Next up is Bella.




My first character is Allandar, a Chronicler.


OK, before I did him, I needed to set up my Ark and Zone where the Game is. There is plenty of help in the book to do this and the players and GM discuss it and get ideas.


I work in West Bromwich, in the Black Country, so I took a map of the area and drew a 2cm square grid over it (using Paint). Each square is 1 square mile. My Ark is called the Centre, and is based on West Bromwich Jobcentre. You are encouraged to add a few mysterious things to the map (which may or may not be true). So, Turner’s Hill, about 2 miles SW became the Two Towers (because it has two large water towers on it), Quinton Cemetery has a warning about Zone-Ghouls, the M5/M6 interchange is the Broken Bridges and beyond this “Here be Monsters”. East, towards Birmingham, there are mysterious lights in the sky at night.


The Centre is ruled by an Elder called Saint John (St. John), the Elder is dying. The Ground floor is the territory of Boss Duggan, who wants to dominate the local area and make the Centre feared. Boss 2 is called Belend and aims to expand the Centre by peaceful means; but knows that they need to find a good supply of grub and water before they can take in more people. Boss 3 on the top floor is called Jukas; she is obsessed with ancient technology and making it work.


Like everywhere else, the currency of the Centre is bullets. You start with a certain number and can use them to trade or in weapons if you have a firearm. The valuables in the Centre are stored in the Vault; Boss Duggan currently is in charge of this.


Water is a current problem, the Centre tapped into a water tower nearby but this is running out.


The Centre is home to about 180 of the People, roughly split equally between the bosses. Everyone, of course, follows the Elder.


Spent a great day at Games Expo 2015, first time I’ve been to the new venue. At previous shows I was running a demo Game of Necromunda or acting in the Living Dungeon so this was the first time I’d been just as a customer. Hmm. Very big, very crowded and apparently taking over even more of the NEC next year. I bought some expansion decks for Netrunner; some squamous-looking dice to use with Eldritch Horror and Mutant: Year Zero the rpg (mainly because I’d heard real good things about it).

Mutant: Year Zero is a post-apocalyptic RPG and originated in Sweden, now released by Mophidius. It is fantastic; very well-written and dripping with theme. I don’t think it will replace Savage Worlds as my #1 RPG but it is a VERY close second. It will definitely be hitting the table soon.

The Game is a gorgeous 268 page hardback, packed with rules and illustrations. The Game system is very simple and straightforward; character generation is a 5-10 minute job; done in collaboration with the other players and the GM. You then jump straight in. There are no set adventures per se; the Game allows the GM to set up situations which the PC’s have to react to; they can then initiate their own missions (a true sandbox). The Game uses six-sided dice, five of three different colours which are rolled in various combinations. You can buy custom-dice with pretty symbols replacing the ‘1’ and the ‘6’; I didn’t but I might if the Game proves to be a hit. Any task, you roll the dice and you need at least one ‘6’ (= a radiation trefoil) to succeed. The more sixes rolled, the better the effect. Roll no sixes, you don’t just fail; there is a consequence to that failure. All of this is clearly spelled out in the rules.

All PC’s are sterile mutants. Yes, that’s right. No Pure Strain Humans here. Everyone has a random mutation which can have spectacular effects and can also blow up in your face. You all inhabit your Ark, an enclave you call home. Exactly what this is, is up to you. You are encouraged to set the Game in your home town and draw a gridded Zone on a road map. Two are provided in the endpapers; London (The Big Smoke) and New York (The Dead Apple); the original Game used Stockholm (no idea what that was called).

I’m creating some characters to get the feel of the system; I’ll post them along with a short playtest.