OK, back to Allandar


This is created straight out of the RAW; modified by what I did to set up the Zone.


Allandar is a Chronicler, keeping a record of what the People do. The Elder said that the Centre kept many records once.

Attributes: Strength 4, Agility 3, Wits 3, Empathy 4*

Skills: Endure 1, Fight 1**, Shoot 2**, Scout 2, Comprehend 1, Sense Emotion 1, Inspire 2***

Appearance: Skinny, with a sickly pale skin. Wears the remains of a business suit and jacket; the Ancients in the Centre wore such clothing.

Talent: Performer – I can use this to get grub and water

Mutation: Telepathy – This could be useful. However, you can’t use your mutation all the time whenever you feel like it.


Crait (PC#3) is a threat to the entire People (don’t know how yet)

Bella (PC#2) supports me and I watch out for Bella. She is my buddy.


I hate Boss Duggan because he destroys things

I need to protect my notes and papers


My Big Dream is that the Centre will become a great place for records again and people will come here like they used to.



Grub 1, Water 3, Bullets 6. (This isn’t so good; everyone consumes 1 grub and 1 water per day or suffer the consequences. Also, I don’t have a weapon (I need a ranged weapon so I can keep at a distance)). I spend 2 bullets to get 2 grub and manage to get a bow and four arrows for 3 bullets. (Make every shot count!)

Final: Grub 3, Water 3, Bullets 1, Bow /4 arrows



* I put extra points here as Empathy is a key skill for talking to people, which is what Allandar is going to be doing (hopefully).

** However, I’m not naïve!

*** This is the bonus Skill I get for being a Chronicler.


That’s Allandar done. Next up is Bella.


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