Bella is an Enforcer. She was bodyguard to Boss Denn; Denn and Boss Duggan had a confrontation and Denn lost. Bella survived but was badly disfigured; now she always wears a hockey mask and never removes it.


Attributes: Attributes: Strength 4, Agility 4, Wits 3, Empathy 3

Skills: Endure 1, Force 1, Fight 3, Move 1, Shoot 2, Intimidate 2 (Bonus Skill)

Appearance: Pale white hockey mask, scarred muscular body, ripped t-shirt and pants with bits of car tyre attached

Talent: Sucker Punch (extra damage in unarmed combat)

Mutation: Spores – Can launch spore clouds that have different effects (usually unpleasant).


Allandar (PC#1) is wonderful. He is my buddy, but one day he will totally be mine.

Crait (PC#3) was still standing after I punched him. That must stand for something.


I hate Chait the Handler, because he let his dog ruin my face. Chait works for Boss Duggan.

I need to protect what remains of Denn’s People


My Big Dream is to protect the Centre against all threats


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