Crait is a slave who previously was owned by Boss Denn. When Denn was killed by Boss Duggan, Bella became Craits new owner, Crait is okay with this as with his looks it will be difficult to be one of the People alone.


Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 3, Wits 2, Empathy 3

Skills: Endure 1, Force 3, Fight 1, Move 2, Shake it Off 2 (Bonus Skill)

Appearance: Dead eyes, Bestial face, Prominent incisors*, Muscular build, wears a dirty coverall

Talent: Rebel (Endure roll, every ‘6’ means +1 Skill Dice on next Action)


Manbeast – Bestial appearance, has natural weapons

Rot-Eater – Can absorb Rot damage to a certain degree



Bella (PC#2) is my rightful owner, her will is law. You are her buddy

Allandar (PC#1) treats me like garbage and I don’t understand why Bella likes him so much.


I hate anyone who insults me by calling me a dog. Bella sometimes lets me hit them.

I must protect the Fixer Jaz, because Boss Denn ordered me to and I have never been told to stop.


My Big Dream is to find others of the People who look like me.



Grub 6

Water 1

Bullets 0

Bicycle chain (+1, Damage 1, Range: Near), worn round neck


* Think of the Motorhead logo


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