Issue 1 Part 1

Flight into Danger

193x; early evening, somewhere over the Pacific

Scene: On board a DC3 Dakota. The PC’s are all in the cabin of the aircraft, along with four other passengers. Suddenly there is an explosion; the port engine erupts in flames and the plane starts to go down.

Yoz made for the rear of the plane, searching for parachutes. He found four chutes amongst the luggage. Jack went to the cockpit to try and help control the plane. He found the pilots still in their seats; both missing their heads. Something had scythed in through the port window and out of the starboard window. “Propeller blade,” he thought; dragging the pilot’s body out of the seat and taking the controls. Ahead, on the horizon; he could see an island. The controls were shot and the fire was not going out; the plane was back in level flight but still going down. “Could use some help here”, he yelled back into the cabin.

Meanwhile, Dr F was arguing with one of the passengers; a middle-aged man dressed in black with a shock of white hair. ”This is God’s will, young man; you must put your trust with Him. Only He can save us now.” Alex was distracted by another passenger; a young blonde woman who calmly lit a cigarette and remarked “They said travel to the South Seas and see adventure; Guess it started early.” She spoke with a lazy Texan drawl.

Yoz put on one of the parachutes and grabbed another. He went forward to the main cabin; the red-headed female passenger blocked his way. “Cherie”; she spoke in English with a French accent. “You have thought of me. Non? Sacre bleu; I would be very grateful in many ways.” Yoz relented and handed over the parachute; then went back for the next one.

Alex made his way to the cockpit and removed the co-pilot’s body; then took the controls; the controls were failing (Jack: “on these ships, the hydraulics run off the port engine. Stupid design really.”) The island grew closer; it became apparent there was nowhere to land. “Hold tight back there,” yelled Jack. “I’m going to put her down in the lagoon and try and run up to the beach.” He tried to bring it in low and slow but the plane pancaked; bounced and crashed up on the beach. The engines and wings caught fire and the fire spread rapidly.

Jack had strapped in so was able to get out and exit from the cockpit window. Alex didn’t strap in and went face-first into the instrument panel. Jack reached in and pulled him out. Yoz and Dr F opened the cargo door and pulled out the two women; the French red-head and the blonde. The preacher and the woman with him were dead. They all ran up the beach as the aircraft exploded in flames.

Watching the fire, they took stock of what they had been able to rescue. They had some personal gear; their weapons (apart from Freeze’s Tommy gun; but he did have his Invisibility belt and Electricity Bolt gun), a flashlight, a first aid kit, a basic tool kit, three parachutes and a tarpaulin. They made a fire by lighting some branches off the burning plane

Around the fire they made some introductions. The blonde was called Sarah; she was American and was a singer. The red-head, who had taken a liking to Yoz, was called Helene and came from Paris. Eventually, a flashback scene revealed that the PC’s had been flying to Bora Gora on the request of the Port Douglas Natural History Museum, to bring back a rare monkey statue. Sarah was concerned that her luggage hadn’t survived the crash and fire and wanted to go and look once the fire had died. They shared some anecdotes about events that occurred when looking for the Unarphan Idol, then made hammocks out of the parachutes and slept.*

The following day dawned bright and hot. The wreckage was still smouldering on the water’s edge; Dr F and Jack went to examine the port engine whilst Yoz and Alex went off to look for food. They found no live game, but did return with some fruit that Dr F pronounced fit to eat. Examining the engine; Jack found three neat holes punched through the intake manifold; they looked like bullet holes. Dr F vaguely remembered hearing something like gunfire during the flight; but he was half asleep and thought he was dreaming.

At this point, Jack heard the sound of an aero engine; a single-engine. Dr F and Yoz got the girls back under cover of the trees whilst Jack and Alex looked for the aircraft. It came into view, flying low (about 300’); a biplane with no markings. They tried to identify the type and stood too long in the open; the plane banked in a tight circle and dived on them; firing off a hail of bullets from twin machine guns. Alex took a glancing blow and went down; Jack grabbed hold of him and pulled him up the beach towards the trees. As the plane came in for another attack; Dr F ran forward and fired off a lightning bolt from his gun. The results were spectacular; the bolt hit the plane dead on; which exploded and crashed into the lagoon!**

“From now on, you shall be called Zeus!” yelled Yoz. Sarah took a great interest in the lightning gun; “Hey, honey, what exactly is that? I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Jack looked thoughtful and looked to see if there was any wreckage of the fighter. “That was a short-range plane; there must be an airfield somewhere. It could be that was the plane that shot us down. But why?”

Zeus (yes, he really did mean it) and Yoz went off exploring the surrounding jungle; the two girls insisted on going with them. Alex and Jack stayed and built up the camp some more. Returning from the jungle with some wood for the fire, they were startled to see a boat cruising outside the lagoon. A man stood with a megaphone, another man piloted the boat and the third man was aiming a belt-fed machine gun. ***


Meanwhile, off in the jungle, the others were steadily climbing a slope. There came a rustling in the surrounding brush and a squad of soldiers surrounded then, armed with rifles. Zeus had enough warning to hit the control on his Invisibility Belt and faded from view.

“Put up your hands. You are all under arrest.”

“On what charge?” asked Yoz.

“This is a private island and you are trespassing.”

Stay Tuned for the next issue of Thrilling Adventure Stories – The Metal Tower


GM’s Notes

This was one of the most fun-packed Games we have played; everyone had a great time and can’t wait until next week.

Quote of the Game:

Harry – to Sarah. “I am Dr Freeze. But you can call me Dr Feelgood”

* Alex Scarr was there on the Unarphan Idol Adventure. However, he was played by someone else; so the stories involved telling Joe what he actually did

** This was amazing. The bolt hit with a Raise, did two Wounds and both criticals rolled ‘12’. Plane went ‘Kaboom!’

*** Raymond Chandler – have a man with a gun arrive. In this case; I used the classic scene from ‘Dr No.’



A new player has joined us on a Tuesday, Joe (again; he, Ben, Matt and Harry all know each other from school). He was interested in role-playing; SW was the obvious choice. I am currently watching the complete ‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’ that I bought my wife for Christmas (ahh, nostalgia!) and as ‘Raiders’ was on the TV the other week; I suggested 1930’s pulp action (combines the best of melee fights with guns and Weird Science with archetypical baddies, plus some supernatural weirdness if necessary).

We dusted off the pulp characters that played in The Unarphan Idol and gave one to Joe to play. I sketched out an adventure outline on the Monday night; I gave Joe a brief run-through of the rules and an overview of the setting; then the adventure started with a bang!


Alex Scarr – Joe. American, ex-gangster for the Purple Gang

Yozmodius – Matt. Spanish/American, brother of Jack Ohio. Adventurer and ‘obtainer of rare antiquities’. Hunted by the Cult of Nomes.

Jack Ohio – Ben. Spanish/American, brother of Yozmodius. Ace pilot and wheelman. Hunted by the Cult of Nomes.

Dr Freeze – Harry. American, reformed evil scientist; inventor of gadgets and gizmos. Carries a Lightning Bolt gun and an Invisibility Belt.

Nights Black Agents

I wanted to introduce NBA to the Gamers but was having problems getting my head round the system. So, for my first Game, I adapted a Game run on EN-World back in 2013 by Piratecat. I took the basic premise and set-up; then let the PC’s go. I referred back to the original when I needed to to get some GM’ing tips; but there was no railroading. What happened is entirely the result of the player’s actions; it is uncanny how in some places it mirrors the original Game.

Set – up

Somewhere in the sky over Kazakhstan, the fading whine of jet engines in the distance. A red-headed woman and three men are freefalling, all wear parachutes. Above them, also freefalling, are Buzzkill (Harry) and Jax (Matt). They don’t have parachutes

Cut to …

A control room of some kind; obviously quite old. A row of CRTV screens with computer keyboards face a series of grey cabinets covered with switchgear, labelled in the Cyrillic alphabet. A red LED display is counting down, it is currently on 45 seconds. Bloodhand (Matt) was trying to access a computer terminal, Alexandrov (Ben) was by the entrance door; a large armoured thing like a ships watertight door.

Jax and Buzzkill dived down on Elena and thugs; Elena had a device attached to the iphone. As Buzzkill drew level she disconnected the device. He recognised her from when he was on operations in the Gulf; she is French but turned out to be working for the Russian Federation. He made a grab for the phone; then pulled out his Glock.

Jax pulled a knife and tried to stab the nearest thug; the blade hit but got stuck in the parachute webbing. The thug responded by rolling and bringing a gun to bear.

In the control room, Bloodhand was busy hacking the guidance computer when a fire axe was buried in the panel next to his head. He turned to see a huge man wrenching the axe free. Alexandrov was by the entrance door; someone was trying to get in. He turned as a shot ‘spanged’ off the wall next to him.


                A hotel room in Paris; a briefing conducted via Skype.

You are now working for Ethical Outcomes. I am Anita, your briefing officer.

                Anton Vilnich, a Russian arms dealer has sold a nuclear-tipped missile on the open market. He stores all of his transactions on an iphone.

                Team One: Follow Vilnich, steal the iphone, clone it and plant a virus, then return it to him.

                Team Two: Enter the control silo in Kazakhstan and deactivate the missile.

Buzzkill got the phone off Elena; then shot her (bastard!) Although wounded, she responded by pressing a button on the device she was holding; then pulling the ripcord.

Jax struggled with the thug; trying to wrest the parachute off him whilst not getting shot. Several shots were fired but no-one got hit.

Alexandrov turned to see two thugs with guns emerge from the shadows, both shooting at him. The hammering on the door increased as he dived for cover; too slow; one of the thugs put a bullet through his thigh. He fired at Gregor, trying to get him to drop the fire axe, but Alexandrov knew he couldn’t take another hit.

Gregor hefted the fire axe; hardly flinching as a bullet from Alexandrov hit him in the stomach. The axe swung; smashing the computer Bloodhand was working on. Bloodhand rolled out of the chair and came up with a pistol, loosing off a shot at Gregor.


                Vilnich boarded a 737 out of Orly airport. You followed him on board and looked for an opportunity to get close to him. He sat talking to a gorgeous red-head. A few hours into the flight she got up to use the toilet; Vilnich was asleep.

                Only he wasn’t asleep; he was dead (someone had pushed something very thin and sharp right through his neck)and the red-head and three men had forced open an emergency exit and jumped out; the woman had Vilnich’s iphone. There was no option but to follow them.

                Buzzkill took out the thug just below him and took his parachute; then started looking at the files on the iphone. He thought he had found the codes; but they were all using the Cyrillic alphabet; which he didn’t understand. Jax had managed to punch out the other thug and steal his chute; the last thug bugged out and pulled his ripcord. Jax didn’t read Russian either.

Alexandrov kept the thug pinned down in the corner; Gregor came at Bloodhand with the axe raised; only to take a bullet full in the chest. He staggered backwards into a bank of transformers and in a halo of arcing electricity fell to the ground.

Bloodhand accessed the computer terminal; the system was asking for the launch codes. He noted in passing that the target co-ordinates had changed; originally the missile had been aimed at Damascus; now it was aimed at somewhere in Angola.

Alexandrov tried to reason with the last thug; it turned out he didn’t understand Russian or English. The thug just tried to shoot Alexandrov; the shot just missed; Alexandrov’s return shot didn’t.

Buzzkill relayed the Cyrillic symbols to Bloodhand via the commlink; the launch was aborted with 15 seconds to go. Jax and Buzzkill deployed their parachutes.

Alexandrov used the external security cameras to scout outside; he saw a black car driving off from the bunker entrance; his pick-up truck was still there. He couldn’t see the driver, but the car had Moscow plates. They opened the bunker door; on the floor was a card for the “Krazny Oktyabr” club in Moscow.


Alexandrov and Bloodhand are driving in the pickup away from the bunker. Camera shot changes to from in front; we see Buzzkill and Jax descending on parachutes straight into the flatbed of the pickup. They ditch the chutes; then swing round into the cabin. The truck roars off into the distance; heading north towards Moscow.



First Game went well; it really helped me having Piratecat’s Game to refer to.

There was no prompting on my part – it is uncanny how the events in Piratecat’s Game and my Game unfolded along roughly parallel lines

All PC’s gained 2 xp

The Gamers are really keen to carry on and have started to put an Adversary Map together.

  1. Who is Elena? What is her role now, what did she do in the Gulf, why did she work for the Federation, exactly how well does she know Buzzkill, what is her reaction to being shot by him?
  2. Why was the target co-ordinates changed to an obscure part of Angola?
  3. Who was in the car with the Moscow plates?
  4. What’s happening at the “Krazny Oktyabr” club
  5. What else is on Vilnich’s iPhone?

The Flashback scenes were requested by the PC’s

Buzzkill (Harry) needs to elaborate more on Elena

The final shot of the parachutes landing in the pick-up as it drove along was suggested by Ben (Alexandrov) and was pure Hollywood.