A new player has joined us on a Tuesday, Joe (again; he, Ben, Matt and Harry all know each other from school). He was interested in role-playing; SW was the obvious choice. I am currently watching the complete ‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’ that I bought my wife for Christmas (ahh, nostalgia!) and as ‘Raiders’ was on the TV the other week; I suggested 1930’s pulp action (combines the best of melee fights with guns and Weird Science with archetypical baddies, plus some supernatural weirdness if necessary).

We dusted off the pulp characters that played in The Unarphan Idol and gave one to Joe to play. I sketched out an adventure outline on the Monday night; I gave Joe a brief run-through of the rules and an overview of the setting; then the adventure started with a bang!


Alex Scarr – Joe. American, ex-gangster for the Purple Gang

Yozmodius – Matt. Spanish/American, brother of Jack Ohio. Adventurer and ‘obtainer of rare antiquities’. Hunted by the Cult of Nomes.

Jack Ohio – Ben. Spanish/American, brother of Yozmodius. Ace pilot and wheelman. Hunted by the Cult of Nomes.

Dr Freeze – Harry. American, reformed evil scientist; inventor of gadgets and gizmos. Carries a Lightning Bolt gun and an Invisibility Belt.


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