Thrilling Adventure Stories

Issue 3


The Tunnel of Death


            Having escaped from captivity on the island, Sarah has revealed that she is s secret agent working for the US Government.


Somewhat reluctantly, Jack steered the boat out to the artificial island where the tower stood. In the village the fuel dump was still burning nicely, although the flames seemed to be dying off. The tower island was a square, about twenty-four feet to a side. A ladder led one hundred feet up the tower to the metal ball; thick high-tension cables emerged from the concrete floor and paralleled the ladder. In the centre of the island was a hatchway.

Zeus revealed that he had two hand grenades, stolen from the guard barracks when he got the guns. His initial plan was to climb the tower and somehow use the grenades to destroy the ball. This was vetoed by the others on several grounds; firstly that it would need a better explosive like gelignite or dynamite and (OOC; that all of Harry’s characters do not have the best track record in climbing, even when using a ladder.)

Accordingly, they opened the trapdoor and went down a ladder into a basement. Jack and Yoz elected to stay with the boat; so did Helene. They followed a tunnel; the HV cables ran across the ceiling of the tunnel. At the end was a locked door; made of a heavy rubber-like material.

“Don’t suppose there’s an ‘OFF’ switch anywhere?” said Alex. “Hey, I grew up in Chicago. Always found a bullet was a good “OFF” switch there.”

“We need Yoz”, said Sarah. “I have some Lockpicking skill, but he’s better.” Grumbling, Yoz came down and examined the door. It was linked to an alarm; he managed to disable the alarm and open the door. A strong stench of ozone greeted him. “I’m going back up to the boat”, he said.

Beyond the door was a huge room. Banks of capacitors lined the walls and floor; leaving a narrow walkway to a further door. Thick cables liked all of them; there was a low, barely audible humming sound and occasionally a thick blue spark snapped between two discharge points.

“This is it”, Zeus cried, rubbing his hands together. “This is where they charge up the capacitors to fire the tower. I need to re-connect and cross-connect the input/output loop to create a cyclic loop; next time they charge them, they should go boom!” He set to work whilst Alex moved to the far door. A blue spark arced out of a terminal; hitting him on the shoulder and spinning him into the wall.

“Jeez, give me Chicago any time”.

Sarah moved up to the door and found it was not locked. She pulled it open just as Zeus announced “There, finished.”

Up on the island, Yoz found that Jack had moved the boat round to the far side of the tower island. The fire had been put out and it looked like the guards were forming up into search parties. The searchlight from the guard tower flickered into life and began searching the area. They crouched down in the boat, which was barely hidden behind the island.


A squad of soldiers ran down from the blockhouse, armed with sub-machine guns. At the water’s edge, they opened up on the island; using suppressive fire. Jack peeked out and saw another group of soldiers running for the boathouse.

“We’re going to have company.” Scrabbling around under the stern sheets, he found a knife. Yoz calmly pulled and checked his two 1911’s; then blazed away at the soldiers on the beach; taking out two of them. One returned fire and Yoz fell back; a bullet furrow across his cheek.

Sarah stared through the door in horror; six soldiers filled the tunnel leading to the basement of the power plant. Without hesitation they opened fire; Sarah jumped back as one bullet hit the door jamb and a second bullet grazed a furrow across her shoulder. She took out one soldier; Alex joined her and shot another; who staggered backwards.

“Get ready to close the door” yelled Zeus at Alex. “I’m going to throw a grenade.”* The grenade bounced off the walls of the tunnel and exploded, taking out four soldiers. They all ran for the far end of the power chamber; the electrical discharges were increasing in frequency as the cyclic loop built up; both Alex and Sarah were caught by stray bolts of electricity.

On the surface, Jack heard the sound of an approaching boat. He put the knife between his teeth and started the boats engine.

“Arr me hearties, ‘tis Captain Jack be coming for ye” **

He took the boat round and headed on a collision course for the boat with the soldiers. Yoz origami folded his top hat into an Admiral’s fore-and-aft cap and twisted his teapot into a parrot-shape that he put on his left shoulder. *** Despite desperate avoiding action taken by the soldiers; Jack rammed the boat and leapt onto the foredeck. The collision knocked three soldiers into the sea; Yoz shot one of them and Jack knifed the other whilst grabbing his sub-machine gun.


A hammering came at the far door; Zeus turned to see Sergeant Fujimo enter; at this point the rumble of the diesels increased and the generators began to whine.

“Run”, yelled Zeus to Alex and Sarah; as he left the Power room the generators noise rose dramatically. They got up the ladder to the island; behind came a massive explosion and the sea and part of the beach erupted. From the blockhouse and power house came massive blue electrical flashes; there was an explosion of flame from the power station. A rumble beneath their feet; they all dived into the water as the island cracked in two. The tower swayed; then fell back across the village; the metal ball crushed the blockhouse into rubble. Zeus grabbed the megaphone and said in a thick German accent:-

“Zere is room vor one only mad scientist in zis vorld”


Jack steered the boat (which hadn’t been badly damaged) back round to the beach and they retrieved their weapons. Sarah went to inspect the burnt-out airplane, looking for her luggage.

“What was in it?” asked Zeus. “Agents gear, a radio, spy cameras, code books, that sort of stuff?”

“No”, replied Sarah. “Three brand new dresses, two pairs of shoes, six pairs of silk stockings and a brand new hat”.

Later, at sea.

“By the way, does anyone know where we are?”


XP awarded = 3


GM Notes

* Again, the use of a weapon he doesn’t have any skill in.

** I have no idea what suddenly brought this on

*** I know. Probably best to just go with it. Xref Toht’s coathanger scene in Raiders

Everyone really enjoyed this last session; there were lots of inventive ideas coming out. Some comments were: –

“I like fantasy, with swords and stuff; and I like secret agent stuff with guns and gadgets. Pulp combines both.”

“This is great. It’s so over the top; it’s like Indiana Jones meets The Expendables”


“I know what I want my character to do. When’s the next Game?”

“Did anyone survive on the island? I want my character to meet that Japanese guy”. (GM: so we have at least one survivor/Bad Guy)


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