The players created their characters. Matt has been following a podcast of a Numenera Game and so was very keen to play.

I’m not going to describe the setting in great detail – it’s already been reviewed in lots of places. This is the overview I gave to the players.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

In this game you are on Earth in a very distant future, in the Ninth World. You are living in this age, using the technologies of the previous ages. Most of the people look at these technologies as if they are magical.

The world itself is strange and wonderful; the Game is about discovering these wonders. Look to the horizon – is that a mountain or part of an impossible monument to the forgotten emperor of a lost people? Feel that subtle vibration beneath your feet and know that ancient engines – vast machines the size of kingdoms – still operate in the bowels of the earth.

The people of the Ninth World mostly humans, although not all that call themselves human truly are. There are likewise abhumans: mutants, crossbreeds, genetically engineered, and their offspring. And then there are the visitants, who are not native to the earth but who now call the Ninth World home, and who have no more understanding of the past (even their own) than anyone else.

Forests of crystal shards, cities supported on beams of power, brave Glaives, the various types of Numenera, knowledgeable Aeon Priests, strange flora and fauna, dangerous Nanos, mysterious ruins pulsating with hidden energies, cunning Jacks, terraforming and stellar engineering on a gargantuan scale and thousands of other things make the Ninth World and exciting and dangerous place.

(To give some perspective, the Ninth Age is around 1 billion years in the future. This is enough time for the solar system to have orbited FOUR times round the galaxy!)

The characters are: –

Sonny Silver, a Clever Jack Who Rides The Lightning, played by Joe

– A Jack of All Trades with an innate power to cast lightning bolts

Sir Harrylock, a Strong Glaive Who Fuses Flesh With Steel, played by Harry

– A walking biomechanical tank

Galadiir the Crystal, a Mystical Nano Who Wears a Sheen of Ice, played by Matt

– A strange nano with ice powers; hates the Aeon Priests

Judson Deathdancer, a Rugged Glaive who Howls At The Moon, played by Ben

– Each month he transforms into a raging uncontrollable bear monster

Character generation is fun, interactive and relatively quick. A lot of leads and background information was decided on, with many leads left open to build upon.


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