Numenera GM Notes

GM Notes 1

As Ben has the ‘Howls at the Moon’ Focus (this means he changes into a raging uncontrollable beast around the full moon), I had to set up a calendar. The Numenera World Guidebook suggests a calendar which is somewhat different (year has 313 days, moon has a 28 day orbit, day has 28 hours etc.) as the Earth has obviously been changed and reformed and the Sun has been tinkered with (it’s still yellow and should be a red supergiant by now.) This means that the calendar is different each year as 313 does not divide by 28. The Guide also suggests that you just use a normal calendar, but this is boring.

I wanted things to be easy so I could make a calendar and print it off when needed each year. My year has 360 days, 10 months of 36 days. Each month has 6 weeks of 6 days each and each day is 28 hours long. The moon has a 24 day orbit; meaning that the full and new moon occur in an alternating pattern on the 6th, 18th and 30th of each month. The last day of the year is still Safe Haven (from the Guide; a day where all transgressions are forgiven and all debts cancelled, usually in return for a piece of Numenera.). I named the months Pretor/Tor/Ator/Prevaen/Vaen/Avaen/Premon/Mon/Amon/Fre

The whole thing fits neatly onto a piece of landscape A4 and allows me to warn Ben when his transformation might happen (he owns an artefact that warns him). I can also put in some random events for the future, using d10 and d6 to pick a month and day.

Next: To work on the seasons.


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