The Currents of Space II

Introducing Achernar

Ok, after a long excursion into the Ninth World of Numenera, let’s get back into space. First up is to generate a character. This is using LBB 1 and proper Traveller d6 (black with red spots).

ACHERNAR                     UPP: 697886            Age: 30                 Terms: 3                    Rank: 3

STR: 6/DEX: 9/END: 7/INT: 8/EDU: 8/SOC: 6

Skills: Rifle-1, SMG-1, Auto Pistol-2, Ground car-2, Tactics-2, Mechanical-1

Ok, not a bad start, slightly above average. The Army seems to be the best option that matches his skills.

Army, 5+ to enlist, (DM +1 for Dex 6+ and DM +2 for End 5+.) Throw 7+3 = 10, enlists easily and gains Rifle-1

Term 1: Age 22 / Survive? 5+ (DM +2 for Edu 6+): throw 7+2=9 / Commission? 5+ (DM +1 for End 7+): throw 4+1=5. Rank 1 (Lieutenant, gain SMG-1) / Promotion? 6+ (DM +1 for Edu 7+): throw 3+1 = 4, didn’t make Captain.

Reenlist? 7+; throw 7 exactly.

Eligible for 4 skills, gain +1 Dex (Personal Development), Gun Cbt (Auto pistol-1) (Service Skills), Vehicle (Ground car-1) (Education), Tactics-1 (Advanced Education)

Term 2: Age 26 / Survive? 5+; throw 6+2=8 / Promotion? 6+; throw 10+1 = 11, made Captain.

Reenlist? 7+; throw 9. Decides to serve another term.

Eligible for 2 skills, gain Gun Cbt (Auto pistol -2) and Vehicle (Ground car -2

Term 3:Age 30 / Survive? 5+; throw 7+2=9 / Promotion? 6+; throw 6+1 = 7, promoted to Major.

Reenlist? 7+; throw 4. Discharged

Eligible for 2 skills, gain Tactics-2 and Mechanical-1

Mustering Out

Eligible for 5 rolls due to service and rank.

Cash: 2 rolls, 20,000

Benefits: Low Psg, High Psg x 2

Now to rationalise Achernar’s career. He was in the Army, but his high survival throws suggest that he wasn’t front-line combat. He trained with auto pistol and ground car and tactics (a broad field). This suggests to me that he was an undercover operative, possibly operating in the Hellas Worlds or the Bright Empire, observing the military build-up. I’ll decide this later. It could also explain why he suddenly left the service – his cover was blown. It’s difficult to reward undercover operatives; his pay-off was the High Passages.


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