The Currents of Space III


There is very little information readily available about why and how everyone got here. Legend tells of a great Empire that spanned the stars (called in popular literature “The Ring Empire”.) The Ring Empire was destroyed in a series of wars that lasted for generations; then was the Interregnum and from the ashes grew the Consulate.

The years are dated from the year the Great Vault opened on Alphanor; the Vault was a time capsule revealing many secrets of the Empire, including the key to the Jump Drive and the location of many hidden caches of equipment and starships.

By CY 100 the Corridor was integrated into the Consulate. Then the first of the Zone Wars broke out.

The First Zone war started when a colony on Fatri (0108) was overrun and destroyed by Bugs in TE 105. A hastily assembled fleet jumped to the system and a series of battles fought to protect the main colony and starport whilst evacuation took place. The war ended in 110 with Fatri interdicted and declared a Red Zone.

The Second Zone war happened in 125 when across many worlds in the Corridor the multi-faceted jewels known as Lantyrns exploded into millions of shards; each shard being a Bug larva. The war lasted twenty years to 235. The trade in Lantyrns was declared illegal, immediately creating a huge black market for rich and unscrupulous collectors.

The Third Zone war broke out in 270; an illegal shipment of Lantyrns to Alphanor exploded into a huge Bug swarm. The planet was being evacuated when it was found that dormant shards were being carried off-planet; stuck to vehicle hulls and cargo. The evacuation was halted and the use of thermonuclear weapons authorised to sterilize the planet’s surface. Consular administration relocated to Neu Regari in 275. Alphanor is currently a Red Zone and an orbital station monitors the radiation levels. Questions are still being raised about the decision to bomb the planet.

The Fourth Zone war was fought in 290; the system of Matar (0207) requested help due to a Bug invasion from Xenan (0206). The 23rd Colonial Marine Division, supported by a Sword-class battlecruiser and a Mace-class assault ship attacked Xenan as intelligence had indicated it was a small Bug Hiveworld. The campaign was a disaster and the entire Division and its supporting ships are listed as MIA.

In 298 a wave of anti-government protests spread across the Naxos system. The People’s Sodality Party gained the secret backing of Corinth and arranged for Corinthian troops to land on the planet. They were double-crossed; the Corinthians seized power and declared that they were acting “on behalf of the lawful government of Naxos”. The Sodality Party went underground; adopting the slogan “Betrayed”, written in Cyrillic.

The current year is CY 300

If anyone is interested I’ll see if I can post a map


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