The Beginning – In Bodrov

The Tunnels of Bodrov

Campaign Start: 1st day of Pretor, 1015, in Navarene.

Sica started his search for the Keystone in the plateau city of Bodrov, in Navarene. Why here – because something told him this would be the right place to start. The plateau on which the city stands is honeycombed with tunnels. Sica went to the central market and spotted two hot bloods who, after a little negotiation, agreed to act as muscle in return for 2 Shins each per day. They were brothers; called Lorn and Dorn. They also splashed out on a good quality glowglobe that floated on a suspensor field.

The tunnels were deep below the city and were narrow, with many twists and turns. A lot of these led to dead ends and frustration was setting in when Sica found a hidden entrance to a straight passage. They made good time along this and exited into a circular chamber. The passage continued the other side of the chamber but as they crossed a poisonous fog welled up around them.

“Run” yelled Sica. He made it to the exit; Lorn and Dorn barely made it and they had to rest for a short time. They continued on, passing through a series of chambers that showed the signs of having been looted. Sica began to worry that the robbers had taken the Keystone. Then they found a chamber that hadn’t been looted. There was miscellaneous stuff worth 50 Shins, a small synth conch shell with some lights on it and a spike with a toggle switch on it. Sica knew what this was – a Phasing Piton (Level 2 / d = 1:100). The conch shell was a little more puzzling but Sica finally decided it was a Trigger Trap (a proximity / conditionality trigger).

Moving on, they found a side chamber lit by a glowglobe attached to the wall. They were all tired and needed rest so they set up camp here. No-one paid any attention as to why there was a glowglobe here.

Waking the following morning; Sica found they had been robbed during the night. The Trigger Trap was missing; as was his prized Force Cube Projector (an armband he wore). No-one had seen or heard anything; but it was obvious that there was someone else down here.

They continued through the twisting passages; sometimes encountering dead ends and having to retrace their steps. At one point a crumbling area of rock opened up into a pit; Lorn just managed to leap clear in time.

Finally, the tunnels ended in a large domed room. On the far wall was a flat, circular stone plate. As they watched, a human face formed on the plate.

“Sica – You are the Keystone. This is your destiny and purpose. You must travel to every capital city in the Nine Kingdoms and activate the Marker Stone. Once each Stone is activated you will know where to go next – the order of activation is important. Nothing must stop you. Remember, you were made for this.”

The face faded from view and the disc fell from the wall; shattering into a thousand fragments. Sica turned to the exit.

“Charmonde. I must go to Charmonde.

“We’ll come with you”, said Lorn (or was it Dorn?) “This sounds like fun”.


GM Notes:

Sica has 1 xp (used an Intrusion to stop him waking up during the robbery).

Adventure: 2 xp (Sica has 3 xp in total)

There was no combat in the adventure (although there was the possibility if the robbers had been discovered.) This is in keeping with a basic of the Game – Numenera is about the exploration of the unknown and the strange. Think of it like an episode of Star Trek – sure, they fought when they had to, but it was exploration and meeting strange cultures / themes that was the heart of the series.


Activate the Marker Stones in

Charmonde/Qi/City of Bridges/Auspar/Thriest/Mulen/Rarmon/Glavis/Orrila

Chaos: 5

XP: 3



Lorn & Dorn


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