The Journal of Sica Sendrillar

To better get to grips with some concepts of the Numenera Game (and also to fill in the gaps when my players aren’t available), I’ve started up a solo Game. The solo engines used are a mish-mash of Mythic GME, Larger than Life, Rory’s Story Cubes and my own stuff (Quick Ruins, Off-Time, Journey etc.)

Character: Sica Sendrilla

Is a Driven Jack who Fuses Mind and Machine

Tier:     1

Effort: 1

Might:       14 / 1

Speed:       12 / –

Intellect:   16/ –


Investigation / T

Intellect Defence / T

Stored Memories (History) / T

Flexi: Notice (unless makes a conscious decision to change it) / T                         

Goal: Activate Marker Stone (Immediate) / T

Special Abilities:

Practiced with L/M weapons

Bash (1 MP) +1 Damage

Practiced in Armour

Inability: All Perception tasks +1 level

Armour: Light leather jack (1 AF)


Blade – Staff (Damage 4)

Bow (Long / – / Damage 4) (Arrows: 12)

Artefact: Mesh disc implanted in forehead – protects internal implants against disruption or intrusion (modifies difficulty by 1 Level)

Shins: 4

Appearance:  A medium-height olive skinned human with metallic blue eyes. A faint tracery of black thread-like wires can be seen beneath the surface of his skin. These meet at a point in the centre of his forehead, where there is a circular gridded disc, about 1” across. This is usually hidden underneath his headdress. He has no hair anywhere, on his body or on his head.

He wears a loose orange robe with a dark blue under tunic and black hide boots. The robe envelops his entire head like a mantle, leaving only his face uncovered. The robe also forms a wide-brimmed convex hat extending out to his shoulders. The hat can be folded away into the mantle, but he never removes the mantle in public.

His bow is slung on his back, along with a quiver of 12 arrows. His blade-staff is in a shoulder sheath. He wears a belt pouch to carry other items


One day, Sica awoke with the knowledge that he had been created and raised for a purpose. He was to search out and activate all the Marker Stones located in the capital cities of the Nine Kingdoms of the Steadfast. His first task, however, was to locate the first marker, the Keystone, in the tunnels beneath Bodrov. He did so and was granted the power to locate the other Marker Stones. Why he was doing this was a mystery though; but he was driven to do it. It was also made clear that he was the only one who could activate the Stones.



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