Some Time Off

I had to go into hospital yesterday for an operation on both ears; it’s a long story but basically if I had the operation done there is a possibility that I will lose my hearing or become partially deaf. If I DIDN’T have the operation done then I would almost certainly go deaf. Some choice!

This means I’m off work atm and can’t hear at all (due to having my ears plugged up.) Fortunately, I’ve got lots or reading to catch up on.

As a get  well present, my wife had a choice between flowers and ‘Into the Deep’, for Numenera. She chose ‘Into the Deep’. A glance through today;  well impressed and the Wayfarers are almost certainly heading underwater soon (once I can GM again).

I’ve also been intending to run ‘Ashen Stars’; we tried ‘Night’s Black Agents’; liked the system but couldn’t get to grips with the setting. I bought the CR and I’m putting together a Laser crew; probably try this solo first, using the usual mish-mash of solo systems.

I can also update Uncanny Worlds; I’ve still got the wanderings of Sica Sendrillar to finish posting and that solo Game is still on-going.


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