Years ago, I came across a poem on an internet site. I can’t remember the site, or the Game system, or the author. However, I do love the poem – it, to me, sums up fantasy roleplaying to a ‘T’. So I’m going to re-post it here.

To repeat – I didn’t write this, no challenge or plagiarism is intended.

Our fortunes cast in arcane currents,
Our hearts joyful, though far from home.
On rolling waves in the Astral sea,
We sail beneath the moon and stars.
Have you a wish? It’s ours to answer,
Or pay your fare on our voyage of dreams,
Over mountains, seas, and endless sands, 
A hundred cities, before you’ll see home.
Open the sails and steer the wheel.
The star-shine smiles on our endeavour.
Which way blows the wind?
And what will our fortunes be?

Isn’t it fantastic? I have a copy inside my GM notes and on the front page of the notebook I use for the Journal of Sica Sendrillar. Every time I read it I get a ‘sense of wonder.’


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