Season 2.1 – Moonmadness

I’ve been intending to update this for some time, but most of my free time has been taken up with running “The Tears of the Gods” Numenera PBF over on the Geek.


Season 1 ended with the PC’s in Lhobanport and something had happened to the moon, it now burned a boiling blood-red and there was the shadow of a massive horned snake moving upon it.

I decided to move the Game on a little bit, so we used a version of my off-time system to see what the PC’s had been up to in the intervening months.



Galadiir did some entertaining for the crowds massing for Festival; Shadow was watching from the shadows (where else) when he saw a group of drunken rowdies preparing to throw rocks at the “dirty Tricarnian”. Shadow managed to warn Galadiir and the rowdies were beaten off; one suffering severe scarring to the face.


Late Harvest

Drogo returned to Kularni and worked on Gallmus’ farm to earn his keep for himself and Deneris.

The farm was doing well, Gallmus now employed ten men and grew root vegetables, bananas and had a herd of auroch herdbeasts.

Shadow recounted the tale of how he had to assassinate a high-ranking military officer of the fortress of Janesse in Zandor who was suspected of selling the details of the city defences to the Valk

First Sojourn

Drogo went north into the Savannah and challenged a headman to a test of strength. He won, but gained little as a reward other than a show of respect.

Mid – Sojourn

Shadow headed for the city of Ekul, looking to sell his services. Following a glorious night of revelling and carousing, he awoke in the street to find most of his gear was missing; including his clothes. All he had was his armour, a short sword and 100 Moons; which he had left behind at his lodgings.

Drogo continued through the Savannah; he challenged another headman and won; this time he gained ten warriors as Allies

Late Sojourn

Shadow undertook a series of minor jobs in Ekul, not all of them legal. He netted 250 Moons from all of them and started looking to replace his stolen equipment.

Storm Season (Embarking)

In Lhobanport, Galadiir related a tale about his long-lost love Amanda (Amarantha). They had trained together in Tricarnia and had grown close. When their training was completed they went their separate ways, never to meet again. When he finished, there was a clapping sound from the back of the room.


“Well Galadiir. I never thought I’d meet a Tricarnian who was in love with anyone but their own ego”.

It was Raven.  They embraced and exchanged stories. She and Spark had escaped from Kularni under the cover of night; she went north whilst Spark went west. The last she heard; Spark was a concubine to the Priest-King. She was leaving in the morning on an expedition to an island in the Brown Sea; but promised to meet up again.

In Ekul, Shadow bought a bow, a quiver with twenty arrows and a second short sword.

Winter’s Night

In Ekul, a commotion drew Shadow’s attention to a public execution; a hanging taking place outside the Grey Tower. He recognised the criminal as Akazar, a friend of his and a fellow assassin. There were too many guards to attempt an open rescue; instead Shadow crept underneath the scaffold. At the instant Akazar dropped; Shadow cut the rope with his dagger. He dragged Akazar into a drain tunnel before the guards could react; then made it through the sewers to a safe area.

Witching Season

Galadiir sold some of the gems and jewellery he had accumulated; he netted 400 Moons but no merchant would touch the strange flat black gems he had found on the mummy under Nal Sagath. There was growing unrest; the moon, normally not visible at this time, now hung low in the sky and burned a baleful blood-red. Tempers were short and people were quick to anger.

Season of Sorrows

A troop of soldiers from Kularni came to the farm, enquiring about the defences. Rumours were coming from the south that the Pygmy tribes were massing and moving north; maddened by the Raging Moon.

In Ekul, Shadow and Akazar were betrayed and ambushed by the city guard. They escaped following a chase through the city and made their way south.


Sorrows End

All the PC’s met up again at the farm. Gallmus and his family were pleased to see the, the big news was that Miriam was pregnant; the baby was due in Festival (“surely an auspicious omen”.) However, the other news was worrying; war was brewing in the south and Veranzar was strengthening its defences and recruiting mercenaries.

End of Session 1: all gained 2 xp.

GM notes: the off-time system is a card-draw, coupled with the use of Story Cubes and a stripped down version of Mythic GME. Skill and Trait rolls were made as necessary. The players really enjoyed the session; it gave them a chance to narrate a story and they really got into it.


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