Flotsam & Jetsam


Scene 2: At the “Tarred Rope” Opening: Jim Hawkins, a wounded Red Man called Gan and an unknown female are in a secluded nook in “The Tarred Rope” in Baltimus.

Jim looked up, his hand straying to his cutlass. He saw a tall, brown-haired Human woman at his side. She wore ship gear and had a medicine pouch on her belt alongside a long dagger. Without asking, she sat down and reached out a hand to Gan; who grabbed it eagerly.

“Who are you?” asked Jim, in English. “You are English.” The woman smiled. “Actually, I’m Welsh and despise the English. I am a daughter of the hills and cwms and the blood of Dafydd Ap Owen runs in my veins. My name is Bronwyn.”

“Who is he and how did he come to learn English? In fact, why did you not teach him Welsh and not English?”

Bronwyn leaned back and called for a flagon of ale; then leaned forward.

“I taught him English because my captain ordered me to do so. I am a surgeon and was hired on by Captain Bojan in Jomba Town. Gan was his personal bodyguard; how and where he gained him I don’t know. I did find that Gan is a quick learner; he looks like a stupid savage but he is not; he can be taught.”

She glanced at the door and took a long draught of her ale, then called for another. “I knew Bojan and his crew were pirates; the swabs on the lower deck were full of tales of terror, designed to scare me. The stories stopped when there was an outbreak of boils and I had to take my lancet to them each in turn. I love seeing grown men squeal.”

Jim started and looked full at her. Bronwyn had brown hair, a lissom figure and piercing pale blue eyes. He shuddered; behind the eyes was a hint of madness. Bronwyn downed the flagon and called for another.

“We anchored off an uncharted island somewhere in The Whip Islands. Captain Bojan, Gan and three crew rowed ashore. It was then that Black Bob, the First Mate started the mutiny amongst the crew. Black Bob took three men ashore to follow Captain Bojan. Only Bob returned, streaked with blood; he said later that Bojan and his men had attacked them. Shortly after, Gan came out of the forest carrying the mortally wounded Captain. I tried to save him but to no avail; he died just before we made port. I came ashore to seek a safe haven; obviously Black Bob and the rest of the crew think Gan knows where Bojan has hidden his treasure and tried to make him talk.”

“Does he know?” asked Jim, looking at Gan; then glancing round the room.

“I don’t think he knows anything, but the crew obviously do. They will come looking for him.”

“And you,” replied Jim. “They may well believe Gan has told you. We need to get out of town. I’ll get a room here where we can lie low and I’ll go looking for a ship in the morning.”

“We?” Bronwyn was amused. “Are you coming along too?” “Why not,” grinned Jim. “I’m looking for adventure.”

End of Scene 2


What is the Red Man’s secret?  


Pressure cooker +1 to 7 (something’s going to blow soon!)


Gan, the wounded Red Man with a secret to a great treasure Bronwyn, Ships Surgeon Black Bob and his crew

Places (this is a new list I’m starting, not sure if it’s any use yet)


Unknown Whip Island

“The Tarred Rope” tavern in Baltimus



Flotsam & Jetsam


Scene 1

Jim is walking along an alleyway in the Port district of Baltimus, heading for a small tavern that he frequents. It is dark and pouring with rain; possibly the reason Jim didn’t see his assailant before they leapt out at him from the shadows. The attacker was an Ugak, a loathsome brute with matted black hair, an ugly expression and swinging a huge club. Jim leapt back and pulled his cutlass; to his surprise the Ugak stumbled across the alley and fell against the opposite wall. In the dim light, Jim could see the gaping wound in his side. Thinking to finish the brute cleanly, he stepped forward with his blade raised.

“Help me”, croaked the Ugak.

Jim nearly dropped his weapon. Not only had the brute spoken, but he had spoken in ENGLISH! He stepped closer and looked hard. Now he could see, this was not a savage Ugak but one of the reviled half-breeds known as Red Men.

“Help me. Bad men say I know where great treasure is and hurt me to tell them. Gan does not know where treasure is and ran away, but bad man hurt him. Please help me.”

Jim helped the Red Man to his feet and supported him to the tavern; herding him into a dark corner. He ordered two flagons of ale and sat opposite.

“Tell me, where did you learn to speak English?”

“He can speak English because I taught it to him” came a female voice at Jim’s left shoulder.

End of Scene 1


Find William Redruth

                Hunted by pirates after Flint’s treasure

                                New >What is the Red Man’s secret?


There was no combat so the Pressure Cooker +1 to Chaos 6


Gan, the wounded Red Man with a secret to a great treasure

Female, Unknown


OK, already the Game is going off in a direction I didn’t anticipate.

The great battle I have with Mythic GME (and in fact, any other system) is letting it take over and going with the flow. I find myself always locked in GM mode and trying to plan ahead too much. For example; I already know what Gans secret is IF I was writing this as an Adventure; but I’m making a conscious effort to ignore this and go with the dice and logic.

Flotsam and Jetsam


I’m putting the Currents of Space on temporary hold as I want to try a different solo Game. As I’ve just finished a successful run in pantomime appearing as a pirate in “Peter Pan”; I was given “50 Fathoms” as a gift. This setting is great, I love the blend of pirates, magic and non-human races set in a doomed world. I’ve skimmed the Plot Points and they look well-written and intriguing.

I’m going to start at the beginning, with a single character and see what develops. As a solo engine I’ll use a blend of Mythic GME (as GM), Story Cubes (mainly to give NPC’s character) and my own stuff (off-time table, solo combat). Anything else I’ll write as needed.

Introducing Jim Hawkins

I’m going to give a little bit of back story, in order to get a better handle on Jim, because he is the same Jim Hawkins from ‘Treasure Island’, now grown up.

When Jim returned from Treasure Island he had a modest amount of treasure, enough to buy the ‘Admiral Benbow’ and settle down with his mother. However, there was always the rumour that there was more treasure on the island and that Ben Gunn didn’t find all of it. After all, who is to say that Captain Flint didn’t pay more than one visit? Over the years the treasure was spent, yet still Jim lived happily at the inn. Rumours spread though and increasingly there came callers at the inn, visitors enquiring after the legendary Treasure Island, and wanting to hear the story.

One day, Jim was in Bristol buying supplies for the inn, when his eye was caught by two ragged sailors disembarking off a ship. To his horror he recognised them; one was Blind Pew, who had been left for dead outside the ’Admiral Benbow’ years ago, and the other was Israel Hands, Flint’s gunner, who Jim though he had killed on the ‘Hispaniola’. In a hurry, he packed the wagon and headed back to the inn. He sent a message to the squire to ask for help for he had no doubt where they were heading.

As a real storm raged overhead, Hands, Pew and a gang of cut-throats attempted to take the inn that night; Jim had sent his mother away and was lying in wait with some soldiers and his friend William Redruth, son of Tom Redruth. In the ensuing fight, bottles were smashed and lanterns knocked over; the inn was engulfed in flames. Jim and William escaped to the coast and sailed off in a small sloop that Jim owned. Jim was unsure of where they were heading. Struggling in the teeth of a howling gale, they encountered the ghostly Maiden…


Human, English // 6.7.6(1).0 // [6/10/14/18/22]

Boating 6, Climb 4, Fighting 8, Know (Masaquani) 6, Notice 6, Shooting 8, Stealth 6, Taunt 6


Curious (always wants to know what’s going on)

Wanted (pirates after Flint’s treasure)

Squanderous (can’t keep hold of money)


Acrobat (+2 Agility rolls, +1 Parry if unencumbered)

Steady Hands (no penalty for shooting off a moving platform)

Booty: Silver 55

Stash: Silver 150 (behind the bar at “The Shipwreck Surprise” on Azy Cay

Gear:     Total Enc: 26 (30/60/120/180)

Leather armour (+1) [15]

Dagger (Str+d4) [1]

Cutlass (Str+d6) [4]

Flintlock pistol (5/10/20, 2d6+1) [3]

Powder & Shot (10) [1]

Leather satchel [2]

Personal Threads

Find William Redruth

Hunted by pirates after Flint’s treasure

 XP: 0


Free Edge: Acrobat

Curious: +1 Smarts

Wanted and Squanderous: Steady Hands





OK, that’s Jim done. Now to see what’s happening on the world of Caribdus.